Vertical Docking Station Review:

The best example of a laptop dock for MacBook Pro Retina.

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Have you ever needed space on your desk, but also needed the use of a bigger screen then the one on your laptop? Henge Docks has you covered with their Vertical Docking Station.

Henge Docks maker of the Gravitas for iPhone and iPad has created what I think is my all time favorite dock for the MacBook Pro. So, what makes the Vertical Docking Station different – well, other then it being vertical? First of all, it’s made out of a high-quality metal alloy that matches the style of the MacBook Pro perfectly and — when unboxing it you will notice that it comes with short cables already connected making it extremely easy to set up. These are the first two things that stood out to me because style and function are the biggest reasons I wanted this remarkable product.

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Most computer docks that I’ve seen utilize the horizontal nature of your laptop. On the one hand, this will allow you to use both your laptop screen as well as your display monitor because you can keep your laptop open. But, on the other hand, your laptop takes up valuable desk real estate. With the vertical dock, you close your laptop and slide it into the dock. When it locks into place, you are connected to your monitor via Thunderbolt or mini disaply cable connection. Because the laptop sits on your desk vertically, the closed, standing laptop sits nicely out of the way without taking up much space.

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I’m a stickler for having a clean working environment. Other type of docks are nice, but they ultimately take up more space on your desk and display more clutter because of the way the wires extend from the back. With the Vertical Docking Station, cables are out of sight/out of mind. I already mentioned that the dock has short cables built-in, well, it also has a cable management system built-in as well. The side panel of the dock has a nice, rubber slot that holds your cables securely in place, while placing them neatly aside. This is a very pleasant change from how horizontal docks typically have cables strewn around the back of the dock.

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One thing I was a bit concerned about with this set up was the potential of my MacBook Pro overheating. Since these laptops have been known to collect heat, I was worried it might become a factor, but the designers at Henge Dock took that into consideration when creating the Vertical Docking Station. It has side and rear vents that ensure your laptop stays cool for its best performance.

Something I really like about this company is that they intend for you to be able to continue using your products for many years to come. They design their products with great, state-of-the-art materials that will stand up to long-term use. An example of this is with their Gravitas dock for iPhone and iPad. That dock comes equipped with interchangeable inserts that work with different models of Apple devices. It’s refreshing to see a company work with the consumer rather than make them buy an entire new product when a new device comes out.

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I really love this product. The Vertical Docking Station is truly a unique piece of design and a fabulous addition to any MacBook Pro owner’s accessories. It retails for $119.

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