A solid chair for beginners.

As someone who suffers from chronic back pain, I can unequivocally say that the single most important piece of office furniture I have is my desk chair. As someone who works an 8-hour day behind a computer and then completes another 3-4 hours of computer work in the evening, a solid, comfortable chair is something I desperately need. I’ve spent a lot of time doing research and testing out a variety of desk chairs so that I can find the precise one that makes the most sense for me. As it turns out, gaming chairs, which are built for long-term use, tend to be the chairs that hold up the best. I recently had the opportunity to test out the Vertagear PL4500 Gaming Chair and while it has proven to be a solid seating option, I thought I would check out the other chairs in the P-Line from Vertagear. With that in mind, here are my thoughts on the PL1000 Gaming Chair. 


The PL1000 is part of the P-Line of chairs from Vertagear. This product line is designed as the ‘racing series’ line and features effortless single-person assembly, superior durability, and unmatched design and comfort. The PL1000 is the entry-level gaming chair in this Racing Series from Vertagear. It has several color variations including black, black/blue, black/green, black/purple, black/red, and black/white. It has a weight capacity of 240 pounds and a height capacity of 6’2”. The upholstery is made with PUC, which is a combination of PVC and polyurethane (faux-leather). The material is durable and provides a low-maintenance option for cleaning. 

The foam on the inside is a combination of a surface layer (ultra-premium high resiliency – UPHR) and a foundation layer (PU foam). The surface layer responds and contours when a user sits on it and the foundation layer provides long-lasting firmness. The casters are motorsports-inspired and coated with PU for soft, smooth gliding on any surface. The colors are made to match the colors of the chair. The base is made from metal and is a 5-star style base. The frame of the chair is also made of steel and includes a 10-year warranty. The gas lift is a class-4 industrial-grade lift.   

The chair is designed to provide comfort and ‘posture perfect ergonomics.’ There is lumbar and neck support provided (lumbar built-in; an adjustable neck pillow attached) and thanks to the gas lift, the seat has adjustable heights. The backseat can tilt between 80º – 140º, which allows the user to rest. The armrests are also adjustable and the tilt mechanism’s tension can be adjusted and locked into place.


The Vertagear gaming chairs are known for their effortless assembly. They are designed with ‘slide-in’ hardware that makes it easy for one person to put together unassisted. Now, the description on the website states that the chair can be assembled in seconds. I wouldn’t go quite that far as it took me about 22 minutes from opening the box to complete assembly. I will say that Vertagear does make the process easy. It’s pretty straightforward – especially if you have put chairs like this together before. The ‘slide-in’ hardware really just applies to the braces that join the seat and the back of the chair. The braces slide up into the back and then you use a bolt (provided) to lock the two together. 

Aside from the bolts that connect the seat and the back, there are four bolts that attach the lift mechanism to the bottom of the seat. Those bolts are pre-attached to the seat and have to be removed before the lift can be attached. The other parts of the assembly do not require bolts. The casters pop into the 5-star base; the gas lift sits into the center of the 5-star base; and the seat rests on top of the gas lift. The arms of the chair are already attached to the seat so the assembly steps really are minimal. It’s not a complicated process and as I said, if you have put chairs like this together, you shouldn’t have any issues. 

The PL1000 is the smallest of the P-Series chairs. It measures 20.5” (backrest width – shoulder) x 21.2” (seat width) x 17.7” (seat depth) and weighs 47.4 pounds. In comparison to the next chair in the P-Series lineup (the PL4500), the size is 20.8” (backrest width – shoulder) x 21” (seat width) x 17.5” (seat depth) and weighs 58.9 pounds. The PL1000 also does not have a heavy-duty base and does not have HygennX. The 5-star base on the PL1000 is made from metal, but the PL4500 is made from Aluminum Alloy and the armrest on the PL1000 is only the 2D style while the PL4500 is the 3D style. They also have different weight capacities. Now since the PL1000 is the entry-level seat in this product line, it’s also the least expensive and retails for around $280 (regular price; at the time of this article publishing). 

One thing I noticed when I was reviewing the specs of this chair was that the weight capacity doesn’t quite make sense. Usually, when you see a weight capacity, there is only one weight. The P-Series chairs have their weight capacities listed as “Max Load” and “Recommended Weight”. With the PL1000 the Max Load is listed as 330lbs and the Recommended Weight is 240lbs. I suppose this means that the chair can handle the higher weight, but that’s best suited for the lower weight for longevity. 

As far as comfort goes, I would have to give the PL1000 a solid 6/10. The seat is a little too firm for my taste, but the rest of the ergonomic features help make up for the overly firm cushioning. I like that it has the tilt function so that you can stretch out your back as needed throughout the day. I also like the included neck pillow that can be used or removed as needed. 


The PL1000 is a decent entry-level racing-style gaming chair. Vertagear makes it easy to assemble and if you are looking for something at an affordable price, this is a good chair for that purpose. Does it have all the features of the upper-level P-Series chairs? No, but it does have the same style and is a good starter gaming chair. 

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