VersaCover iPad Pro Case is a great accessory.

When it first came to market, there weren’t many choices for covers for the iPad Pro. In fact, if I remember correctly, there were only three choices – the Apple branded case, a case from Logitech, or nothing. Thankfully, premium accessory designer Moshi, has come up with several options for iPad Pro cases including the subject of this review, the VersaCover.

The VersaCover for iPad Pro is an origami inspired case was made to protect and add style to the magnificent Apple tablet. The VersaCover is a unique folding cover that provides with the right angles for writing, viewing video, and reading on the iPad Pro. The case is two basic parts – the polycarbonate shell and the magnetic cover that covers the face of the iPad. The covering has a soft, microfiber lining that keeps the tablet scratch-free and it supports the auto-wake/sleep feature of the Apple iPads. It’s quite a remarkable accessory for the iPad Pro and I’m very excited to share my experience with the case.

VersaCover iPad Pro Case Review, the Origami Folding Stand

First of all, I was completely impressed with the gorgeous style this case. It has a very slim profile and has a very classic look. The case only comes in one color – Metro Black – and it suits every color of the iPad Pro. The microfiber lining of the cover is exceptional and I’ve never really felt anything quite so soft and smooth. The sleep/wake feature is very functional with the VersaCover and the iPad Pro snaps securely into the shell quite easily.

VersaCover iPad Pro Case Review, the Origami Folding Stand

I was surprised about the folding stand and how well it worked. You can use it in both portrait and landscape views and it’s very handy when you are sitting in a chair or sofa. It perches very neatly on a lap and works equally well on a firm table top. I think my favorite feature of the VersaCover is how lightweight it is. There are several cover choices in the market now and most of them add substantial weight and bulk to the iPad Pro, but not the VersaCover. It’s slim, lightweight, and very classy looking.

I’ve ben very happy with VersaCover and look forward to using it for quite some time. It’s been a great add-on for the iPad Pro.

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