Verizon to get the iPhone, what a joke. I understand that with CDMA you can’t do voice and data in parallel? I know first hand that AT&T’s network sucks, I can’t even get service in my house I’m forced to use one of AT&T’s 3G micro cell’s. Even with the crappy service I will stick with AT&T for a few reasons let me explain.

  • They can’t use Voice and Data at the same time.  LINK
  • They give me $20 off my bill every month for being a beta tester years ago when it was Cingular.
  • They offer me credits to make up for down time or crappy service.
  • I’ve rarely ever spoke with someone from AT&T that has been rude.
  • Verizon lied to me when I signed up for a network air card.
  • Instead of addressing my complaint at Verizon I was put off and left to wait for an hour while they talked to them self.
  • When talking to Verizon over the phone all 7 reps I spoke with had no intent to help with my issue.
  • While speaking with Verizon I dealt with smart ass rude people.
  • In Atlanta,GA the map that showed Verizon’s service area was full red but I was not able to even get dialup service with my air card.
  • Verizon’s response to not having good service with my air card. ” You was able to get online so what do you want us to do “
  • When i went to cancel my service the same woman who lied to me about how great the service was tried to make me stay by threatening me with the early termination fee.

If you’re service is not  at all what it was promised who ever the company is they should address it and give you some options or allow you to opt out of your contract. Verizon did nothing of this.

Not only has my experience been an epic fail with Verizon but I know other’s who have hated dealing with them as well. I will say that Verizon getting the iPhone is a good thing, not for AT&T but for its customers one it will free up the network of lots of congestion, it now gives AT&T competition so that being said both networks will need to step up their game, that will end up well for the consumer. When these to giants in the wireless phone industry go head to head over the most popular phone ever.

Let us know your thoughts or experiences with Verizon or AT&T in the comments below.