Ventev USB charging hub 400: Top-notch build quality is paired with excellent charging performance.

Mac Sources reviews a lot of different products involving portable power storage. Charging hubs, USB extensions, portable batteries, and many other similar accessories might seem like a collection of boring necessities. However, the best examples of this group quickly become essential accessories. With that in mind, I present the Ventev USB charginghub 400 as a charging solution worth paying attention to.

I believe that the phrase “You get what you’ve paid for” is appropriate for this unit. Ventev has made sure that the purchase prince immediately feels well spent by creating premium product packaging. Unboxing, unwrapping, and installing the unit takes no time at all since a USB charging hub is essentially a power strip for mobile devices. A user will only need to find an available wall outlet to plug into and then use the provided Velcro strap for excess cable wrapping. The unit has a good weight and several small rubber feet to reduce surface movement. Once plugged in and situated to user preference, the unit’s orange and dark grey matte appearance and the small desk footprint allow it to be a showy accessory or a hidden hero.

Ventev USB charginghub 400 Review

The charginghub 400 sports four USB ports. One is marked as a 2.4A dedicated Quick Charge port. Using this port as a primary tablet or high-end smartphone charger works very well and cuts down on the total amount of charge time by quite a bit, depending on the gadget. Three other USB ports are included for additional devices, but please note that these three ports share a 3A supply. I would have liked to have seen all four USB ports to have identical specs, but my collection of test gadgets were able to proceed through a normal series of charge cycles with no real trouble.

The charginghub 400 did become warm (though not to any worrisome degree) during the heaviest use test which consisted of a NVIDIA Shield Portable, an Astro Tab A10 tablet, a Sony PS Vita, and a 3rd Generation iPad. Unlike some of the lesser-built charging solutions I have worked with, this charging hub allowed each device to complete a charge cycle without interruption.

Ventev USB charginghub 400 Review

This is a USB charging solution that should be able to allow you to finally complete that “charging corner” you’ve been putting off re-cabling. Or, you might thread this unit through a desk shelf or two to provide a little area to charge your phone and tablet while you have your laptop present in the home office. Whatever the layout, this device should fit your expectations.

I have a lot of respect for a device that is built well and does exactly what is expected of it. If you’re anything like me, I suspect that your first Ventev purchase will certainly not be your last. After getting a chance to try out the USB charginghub 400, I plan on exploring the rest of this manufacturer’s product line right away!

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