Ventev Mobile Chargers provide more options for power on the go.

On the go power, portable charging, and nightly wall charging have become a necessary evil in our society. With devices becoming smarter, more connected and involved, power drain is a real concern. Battery power and technology have not kept pace with the innovation in devices. Thus, we are tethered to our wall or to portable outlets, such as car outlets. As our phones get smarter, they seem to replace more and more devices. I no longer have a GPS unit, as my phone serves as my navigation hardware/software. This has eliminated the need for one power craving device. Another example is the replacement of my iPod. I used to have an iPod classic plugged into a 30 pin outlet inside my glove box, linked to my stereo unit (until it was stolen). My wife then replaced this with an iPod Nano (battery would no longer hold charge). Now that I have a Bluetooth stereo and XM radio, I have replaced the need for yet another device. So, if my wife and I are together in my truck, or her Dodge Grand Caravan, we need at least two outlets for our smartphones. Even with the decrease in total number of electronics, I still have an outlet shortage. I still need room for a 12V Dual screen DVD player for my children. I thus look for multi charge options. Luckily, my truck (Chevy Silverado 2011) has 2 car 12V outlets and an additional USB outlet.

Ventev Mobile Accessories, part of Tessco Technologies Incorporated, is a company that has invested its resources into the wireless industry. Their focus has been around R&D, innovating the field of chargers, cases, cables and batteries. They have a fantastic line of cables, specifically in the chargesync alloy line. If you have not had time to look into these, I would highly recommend that you evaluate their site at

Ventev Mobile Chargers Review

Ventev Mobile Chargers Review

I have tested numerous chargers, wall packs/bricks, car chargers and have found a few aspects that I look for. I typically expect a single charger to be a fast charger. That is, if it is going to take up prime real estate, it better charge faster than a multi-charging device. The two devices that Ventev provided for my review are single chargers for the car and for the wall. I also look for ease of removal for car chargers, as I have had some that were quite difficult to remove. I evaluate size of the device as well as there are some outlets that sit at odd angles and make it difficult to plug into walls/behind furniture and into surge protectors.

I really like Ventev’s packaging. The floating product along the top showcases the product well, allowing the bottom half of the packing to act as information and marketing. I feel that I am more likely to buy an item, if I can actually see what it looks like. Often, the box images do not do the items justice. I may be alone in this, but I really do feel that this type of product packaging is classy and refined. As an added feature, the product packaging is 100% recyclable.

Dashport r1240 Mini
The Dashport r1240 mini, is one of the variety of chargers offered by Ventev. This particular unit is a universal 12V input, 5V 2.4A output, 12W single USB device. This is a single rapid-charging USB port allowing for devices to charge at their maximum rate. Both the website and the product packaging state that any device can be charged, to include tablets, GPS and phones. This device is illuminated, which is a pretty cool feature. Glowing a nice orange color, it does add a wow factor to your car. Some may enjoy a single outlet. The rate of speed to me is slightly less concerning than the ability to charge multiple things at once. I really would like there to be two charging points and as stated above, I typically choose dual USB car chargers.This devices does charge at full rate for my iPad and my iPhone. It fits into the car lighter well, it does stick out far enough to easily grip with your fingers. I have had some car lighter plugs that are quite difficult to remove. This is a reasonable option, I find no issues with this charger. It charges well, does not produce immense heat (I have had a few cheaper plugs  get really hot). I would rate this device at 3.5/5 stars.

Ventev Mobile Chargers Review

Wallport r1240
Ventev also produces a single USB device for a wall charger as well, the Wallport r1240. This is a single USB charger device that is designed to charge any device powered via USB. Ventev provides the same classy floating style packaging. Simply pinch the edges of the black base and pull downwards. The product slides out nicely through the base. The wallport, like the dashport, is a 12W, 2.4A charging system that should charge any device to its fullest potential. It is also labeled as “rapid charge,” which is not well defined on their packaging or on their site. I believe this means that with the 2.4A system, your device will charge as fast as it is able. At first I thought that this was a Qualcomm 2.0 style charger. It turns out that this is not Qualcomm 2.0, but there is another charger for that.

It is really convenient that the prongs of the charger fold up completely. For anyone who camps, backpacks or travels, folding prongs are a nice added portability feature. I really wish that this was at least a two USB output charger, however. With new 5-6 output chargers, plugging into one outlet and all charging at a max of 2.4A, it is hard for me to find use for a single USB outlet. This charger, like its dashport counterpart has an MSRP of $24.99. This is a fantastic charger and will do everything it claims to do. I just find that there are better options with more output options. I was able to generate roughly 1-1.5% per minute on my iPad and on my iPhone 6s Plus. It seems to charge just as fast as the Apple charger 12W power cube. I would rate this charger at 3/5 stars.

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