Ventev Chargesync Alloy Cables are quality cables that do not disappoint.

Ventev Chargesync Alloy Cables ReviewWe live in a connected world, one highly dependent upon  regular access to power. How did  they live 200+ years ago? What was it like before electricity, before mobile navigation? Ever try to read by candlelight? Have you ever tried to go an entire day, unconnected from your electronic devices? I have seen families have near panic attacks, trying to find a charging location for a device that is running low. There are companies who devote their entire effort towards power and keeping you on the grid. Many of us have so many devices that it is challenging to manage the cables, and to keep your gear ready to use.

Ventev, part of Tessco Technologies Incorporated, is a company to trust in the charging industry, specifically the wireless industry. With a focus on engineering and development, their goal is not just to keep up, but to innovate and lead. The company is comprised of Ventev Mobile Accessories (chargers, cables, cases, batteries) and Ventev Wireless Infrastructure (antenna, enclosures, cables, solar powered options).

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Scott Franklin at CES Unveiled 1/5/2016 and again at the Digital Experience “Beach Blowout.” Prior to this event, I was unfamiliar with this company, its goals or its products. I was immediately impressed with the tech, the gear and the quality of their products. Mr. Franklin gave me a quick rundown about the company and its variety of products. They provided me with a few of their wireless products to highlight.

Starting with the chargesync alloy line, Ventev provides both a lightning and a micro USB variety of charging cable. Each cable is four feet long, contains a brushed aluminum housing and is encased in a tangle free high tensile wrap. I like the metallic, braided, texture. This does provide a finished, “expensive” look to the cable. It reminds me of the component cables that I used prior to HDMI. There really is something exciting about nice looking cables plugged into your system. I remember well that there is significant difference between the cheaper quality cables and the expensive braided cables. I often find this to be the case now, whether it be charging cables or HDMI. This is another saga of the Cable Wars.

Ventev Chargesync Alloy Cables Review

The weakest part of many cables seems to be the connector/cable junction. I have had many cables that had very weak construction points and either tore, frayed or internally separated and would not charge/sync. This is very frustrating. With use of desk docks/stands, cable management systems or simply using the charging cord and placing it into and out of the device, these cords are subject to abuse. In my experience, cheap cords tend to fail quickly; I have tested many cables. Anymore, I look specifically at three aspects of the cord before purchase. First, I look at the connector junctions and see if they are well built or if they are weak points, subject to early failure. Second, I look at the cord quality itself. Braided cords or flat cords tend to be “tangle less,” but I have not yet found a truly tangle proof medium. They tend to fare better than the cheaper cords that act like earbuds and tangle into an unusable mess. Thirdly, I look at the end of the lightning adaptor itself. For any user of Catalyst or Otterbox/Lifeproof, you are likely aware that cables are not universal and there are a variety of cables that do not work with your device. If you have not noticed, you are likely using the cord that came with your IOS device. There is a difference in the lightning connector. Conscientious companies are using more rounded lightning connectors instead of boxier styles. The more rounded ends, as seen in the cord from Apple, seem to fit every case, whereas other cords are made for the phone, without consideration of the consumer use of case.

Ventev Chargesync Alloy Cables Review

The two charging cables, from Ventev, have all 3 of the above aspects. The quality of the cable is amazing, the braid is a nice feature and gives it a refined elegance, on par with that of your smart device. Why have a cheap looking cable for your expensive smartphone, when you can have an expensive looking cable to accompany the device? The connection points between the lightning/micro connector and cord and at the USB connector are well designed and sturdy. Each cord is a 10W, 2.4A (Lightning) and 2.1A (micro) system utilizing aluminum alloy cable, allowing for high speed charging and data sync. There are a few added features to the Ventev line that helps to set it apart. First, each cable is available in a variety of colors, which should suit the taste of just about everyone. The available colors are: Cobalt, Copper, Jade, Magenta, Silver, Steel Grey. If I had to list an order, I would say that I favor Silver, Steel grey, Copper, Jade, Cobalt then Magenta. Another included feature is a Velcro cable wrap. Sloppy cable management is a pet peeve of mine and I appreciate when a company takes this seriously. The only negative I have on these cables is 4 feet is short, especially when many cables are 6 feet in length. I appreciate that the company included the cable wrap, but with only 4 feet of cable, it is uncertain if it will be that helpful.

Ventev Chargesync Alloy Cables Review

I have already placed and removed the cable from my iPhone 6s plus 3-4 times daily over the past week. My wife has been using the micro cable with her Galaxy S5. She does not really care about cables, so long as they charge her device. However, this time she did comment on how nice these actually looked on her bedside table. The connector points remain unblemished and strong, the cables remain flawless. You can purchase these cables from at MSRP $29.99. With the change to USB Type C, I look forward to evaluating their charge sync C 2.0 line as I actually have gear that uses this technology.

Ventev Chargesync Alloy Cables Review

Ventev has many amazing wireless accessories and I highly recommend that you check them out at You can purchase their chargesync alloy cables through their website and through (currently unavailable In lightning). MSRP on the USB A/micro USB $24.99, USB A/Lightning $29.99. These prices may seem high, especially for a cable. However, the company has a limited lifetime warranty. Review of their website and questions/answers through Amazon (authorized seller for Ventev), show the company to be reliable. Complete their warranty section and you should be contacted within 7-10 days. In some cases they will send you a new cable or they will ship you a box and return label, to evaluate the defect. Simply return the cable, they will inspect it and send you a new one if appropriate. They will not cover accident, misuse, theft or normal wear and tear. Again, I would rather pay a price and know that I get quality product from a quality company, than buy cheap and have to re-purchase as the cheap product failed. You really do get what you pay for. I rate these cables at 4.5/5 stars, which would be pushed upwards to a 5/5 if the length were extended to 6 feet. These are quality cables and you will not be disappointed.

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