ZB-1 Wireless Sports Headphones outperform all others in the category.

I fill a lot of my free time with music these days. Sadly, I am always on the hunt for a good set of headphones that meet my needs. I have realized that I need several sets for different situations and environments. While I have been consolidating here and there, I needed a versatile set of headphones that I could carry at all times. I am still a fan of old school corded headphones, but I want the freedom of wireless for my everyday use. After looking into the independent wireless earbuds, I realized that I would most certainly lose them after (I am estimating) around the 13-minute mark. The search was on for a good Bluetooth headset that would be comfortable, durable and able to provide a decent sound quality. I have tried several different variations of headsets and I knew I definitely did not want anything that would sit around my head giving me headaches and just generally uncomfortable as well as being prone to fall off at the slightest nudge. Over the ear would be the only solution.

VEHO ZB-1 Wireless Sports Headphones

After careful debate over form and function, I came across VEHO’s ZB-1 Wireless Sports Headphones. I have tried several of VEHO’s products with great results, so I knew I would be in in a for a treat. The headphones include 10mm acoustic drives for a well-balanced sound. There is a built-in microphone along with in-line controls on the cable that connects the two earpieces. The wireless connectivity feature uses low-energy Bluetooth so that your battery doesn’t suffer while you’re connected to your phone or tablet.

The ZB-1 breezed through all of my general criteria. With a nice over the ear design that moves around to help find a comfortable fit and several different earpieces to fit almost any size or shape of an ear, the biggest need/want was easily checked off. The actual earpiece is fairly light weight as well. Some comparable brands seem to have heavy earpieces that fall out because sod the weight or start to throb after a short amount of time.

VEHO ZB-1 Wireless Sports Headphones

The controls are straightforward for someone who has used similar devices but might seem a little frustrating to a new user. After a quick read through the multilingual user manual, most questions were clearly answered. Like all headsets these days there is the ability to take phone calls in the middle of listening to music. Charging is fairly straight forward as well. If you can plug in a USB cord then are golden. The only downside is the little rubber piece that covers up the micro USB slot fell right off after several uses. This wasn’t a big deal to me, but I can see it being irritating to some. The packaging boasts 8 hours of battery life after several full uses that’s what I got as well.

VEHO ZB-1 Wireless Sports Headphones

Even after several different scenarios, the ZB-1 outperformed every other comparable wireless headphone that I have ever used, while still being comfortable. For this, they will always be within arms reach ready for action at a moments notice.

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