Capture those amazing moments on a quality Action Camera using the included camera/accessory kit.

I have often admired people who experience adventurous lives, more specifically the ones who capture amazing things on video.  My sons and I have watched countless YouTube videos of people enjoying the outdoors, and a variety of activities.  It is this pastime that has led me to look into action cameras.  Despite the desire to own one, I have not been able to find an actual reason to own one.  Honestly, my iPhone 7 plus has served in this function, more than once.   As a father of three children, seven and five-year-old boys and twenty-month-old girl, I have started to do more involved activities.  My sons and I are involved with our local cub scout troop and with camping, hiking, water sport, shooting and caving activities.  My family and I recently visited my parents in North Carolina and rode four wheelers throughout their property.  I finally found a need for an action camera, in my life, and the Veho Muvi K2 Pro 4K has proven to be more than I expected.

The camera arrives in a rather convenient hard shell clam style case.  The coloration is eye-catching with white lettering (“MUVI”) on a black plastic background.  Along the bottom of the case “K-Series” is clearly labeled in white.  The gray clasp closes nicely and keeps the case closed securely.  There is a pentagonal cutout on the back for your fingers, allowing a good secure grip on the case.  There is a cardboard slipcover that details the functions of the camera.  The packaging promises 4K high definition recording, 16 MP still shots (actually 8, 12 or 16 MP), a detachable touchscreen LCD, built-in WiFi and timelapse.  There is a free downloadable application from the IOS APP store or Google Play store, which will allow you to connect your phone to the camera and control the camera.  You can preview the action, to decide what you want to record and when you want to record it.  You can then share this information with friends/family via Facebook, email, Twitter, etc. Furthermore, the packaging details the 4K HD 15fps, 2.7k 30fps, 1080p 60fps, 720p 120fps, 140 degree wide angle field of view, rechargeable 1500mAh battery (3 hour continuous recording time), WiFI enabled, Movement activation, microSD up to 64GB (most sources say only 32GB), and a weather resistant black silicone case and a selection of mounting options.  The camera packaging promises much and I was excited to actually try the device.

 Veho Muvi K-Series K-2 Pro 4k Wi-Fi Handsfree Camera REVIEW

Opening the package, you will notice that the top has black egg-crate like foam and form fitted foam on the opposite side.  The camera is protected incredibly well inside of the case.  Along the sides of the camera are two cut-outs for parts of the mounting kit.  In the larger cutout located beneath the camera you will find the USB charging cable, the printed quick start guide, K-series tripod mount, right angle mount, flat velcro mount, flat 3M mount, wrist strap, black silicone case, LCD screen a Muvi Decal, a micro CD with instructions, a 50% coupon voucher for assistance with editing your Muvi footage ( and an accessory pamphlet, detailing additional options for the camera system.  Similar to other action cameras, you can get a variety of mounting options (shoulder, chest, head/helmet, surfboard, tripod/monopod, handlebar, suction style and my favorite, the Xpack backpack POV mount), waterproof cases, and portable/backup batteries.  It is unfortunate that this kit does not include the helmet strap or waterproof case.  This kit is ideal for attaching to surfaces.  Essentially, if there is a surface you want to attach your camera to, Muvi has an option for you.

One of the first things that I realized about the kit is that the case has no handle or hoop to attach/mount the system.  I wish it had a carry handle or carabiner clip or even a way to lock the case.  These features would be an added bonus, but do not detract from the overall quality of the product/case.  The case is simply amazing and is a welcome addition.  The second issue I had, was with the micro CD.  I personally wish that they would have included a USB drive instead of the micro CD.  Many modern computers are moving away from physical media and I was unable to utilize the CD on my MacBook Pro.  Luckily, my desktop still has a Blu-Ray RW drive and I was able to view the cd.

The camera is built of sturdy plastic and feels as if it could actually absorb some small impacts. I have not tested this theory, as I treat my gear with extra caution.  The LCD screen fits onto the camera easily and has a prominent click-feel, which alerts you to the docked status.  Excitedly, I plugged the USB mini end into the side port of the camera (blocked by a plastic flap along the side) and then the USB A into a USB 3.0 port on my desktop. The 2-foot cable is adequate, but nothing special.  I then allowed the camera to charge overnight.  While charging, I turned to the IOS App store and downloaded the application.  Within about 3-4 hours the camera will be charged completely.

 Veho Muvi K-Series K-2 Pro 4k Wi-Fi Handsfree Camera REVIEW

While on my trip to North Carolina, I wanted to utilize the camera on our trail-riding excursion.  I did not have a helmet mount, nor did I have the handlebar mount.  So, I went to Bestbuy and purchased a few accessories.  Unfortunately, Muvi/Veho accessories are not available in my local Walmart, BestBuy or Radioshack (still a few of them around).  So, I had to obtain products from the competition.   I purchased an insignia tripod thread mount adaptor, which allows you to attach your camera to most GoPro mounts. This device allows you to attach a standard 1/4-20 Tripod mount to 2 prong base.  I also purchased the GoPro helmet mount kit, which came with a baseball hat clip.  It turns out that I did not need the mount adapter, as the included Pro series tripod mount attached to the helmet strap/baseball cap clip.  I was able to attach my camera to my backward baseball cap and to ride quads with my family.

One of my favorite features of this camera are the two toggles on the front of the camera.  There is an on/off toggle located at the top, which is easy to use without looking at the camera.  Also along the bottom front, you will notice a WiFi on/off toggle just beneath the red circular record button.  Having the Wi-Fi toggle so accessible is incredibly convenient.  You do not have to search for options on the LCD, you do not have to plug anything into the camera.  You must simply slide the toggle.  I also really enjoy that the camera is not overwhelmed with buttons.  Along the top, you will find 3 buttons and 2 LED indicators and a small LCD screen to detail information.  The two main buttons are located on the camera itself and the third is located on the LCD screen.  The two buttons are the mode switch button (still/video) and stop buttons.  You do not need to have the LCD installed to use the camera, but I found that it does add to the on-the-fly video recording.  You can use the touchscreen to zoom in/out and to adjust a variety of settings of the camera.  The third button is the LCD on/off button. To preserve battery, I found myself turning off the LCD and using the main 3 buttons to capture raw video footage. Along the bottom, you will see a standard tripod 1/4 screw port.  Attaching the included Pro series mount is as easy as screwing the “+” shaped screw.  You will further notice that there is an orange silicone dongle on the mounting screw that has a small opening for the wrist lanyard.  This is a convenient way to not drop the camera if holding the camera.  However, I did not find much use while mounted onto a rig or helmet/hat.

 Veho Muvi K-Series K-2 Pro 4k Wi-Fi Handsfree Camera REVIEW

I downloaded the app from the app store and was greeted with an alert “Muvi K-Series” May slow Down your iPhone. The developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility.”  The next page demonstrated the WiFi signal logo and two arrows that face one another. If you have the WiFi on, and the camera off, nothing will happen.  Your iPhone App will give you a “Connection Fail!” error.  IF you turn on the device and have it in WiFi, it will still give you an error.  You will need to go into phone settings, into Wi-Fi and select Movie K-Series. It will ask you for a password and 00000000 worked.  Once completed, you will see the same image on your phone as you see on the camera. You can now access the SDcard and you can delete pictures, if desired, or you can playback video.  To playback video select the playback arrow icon.  This worked much better with the videos downloaded to the phone.  If you are not happy with a picture, you can tap it and it will bring up a larger image from the thumbnail. You can choose to download it or you can trash it.   The English translation seems off here “Deleting… Please keep application be active and keep the screen on!”.  If you tap the down arrow/bracket you can download the pictures/videos to your device.  I had about 10 2-5 minute videos and it seemed to take longer than necessary to download them.  If you want this to be a faster process, consider removing the SD card utilizing an SD card reader or connect to your computer via USB.

To access settings tap the LCD and you will see an M to the left.  Touch the M and then you can access the options for camera, video, etc.  When done, either turn off the camera or select the back button.  You can quickly choose between still capture and video mode by selecting the record button on the front of the camera or the photo button on top of the camera. While in each mode, holding the button for 3 seconds will change to silent record mode (video) and record audio only.  Additionally, there are some more advanced features.  Some of these features include loop record (overwrite older data as needed for space), PIV mode will allow you to press the still capture mode and take pictures while having video record and in capture mode, you can also select single capture versus burst, versus continuous capture.  It is a little odd trying to get the images onto your photo roll via WiFi mode.  You will need to send them to Facebook, Twitter or email first.

 Veho Muvi K-Series K-2 Pro 4k Wi-Fi Handsfree Camera REVIEW

Through my first few weeks of use, I have fallen in love with the camera.  It seems that the more I utilize the device, the more I learn about it and the more I appreciate what it can do.  I have found that the quality of my videos improved with use as well.  I had learned better head control and learned what to aim my gaze at, to capture better video.  Initially, I found myself turning my head frequently.  With time, this behavior was reduced.  My children have enjoyed watching and rewatching the movies.  Weighing at 5.8 ounces (camera, mount, hat clip) it is a little heavy with longer term use.  My seven-year-old son even commented about the dent in my forehead after about 30 minutes of use.  The hard plastic clamshell case is a convenient way to carry all of the needed gear with you.  Additionally, the mounting system is incredibly easy to learn.  The pieces are secure, the 3M tape is as close to permanent as you will need.  The velcro mount is convenient, especially if you have a variety of bases to attach to.  I am excited about the waterproof case and likely will get this before my next cub scout trip.  I also am interested in the shoulder harness, to try to reduce the drag on my head/neck.  I had a slight tension headache after my first few uses.  If you are in the market for an action cam, you would be sad if you did not add this to your research.  There are great youtube videos comparing the Muvi K2 Pro and GoPro Hero 4.  The video on the Muvi is lighter and has a more real world color whereas the competitor had a very strong yellow hue.  To be fair many of these differences can be adjusted with a video editing software.  This device will work wonderfully for the average family to the professional level.  As with any tech, there are always the ELITE level devices that cost markedly more and provide more bells/whistles.  If you are looking for the best that money can buy and money is no option, there are better specs on some of the competitors.

I am a realist and feel that good enough at a good price is a better option than finding the best.  Truthfully today’s best will be tomorrows, average.  How long will the current generation action cams be technically acceptable?  Will the reign be 6 months, 12 months or longer?  This camera provides 16MP, which is higher than some similar to other modern action cameras.  The price is very reasonable at ~$200-$250 dollars and the accessories are reasonable.  The most glaring omission is the lack of a waterproof case.  The Muvi K2NPNG comes with the waterproof case and provides a 16MP camera. I do not see why the model below the K2Pro4K has the waterproof camera.  I did notice that at the 4K 15FPS setting, the movement led to a jumpy feel.  The picture was pretty, the colors bright and vibrant but it felt jerky and unnatural.  This was better with a still camera recording action and was better with dropping down a level of clarity and increasing the FPS.  Do not get me wrong, the quality of the 4K is good and the camera is a sound investment.  If you do not care about 4K, you may consider the model one step down Muvi K2 NPNG and get the waterproof case included.

At roughly half of the price of the GoPro Hero 4, I would seriously consider the Muvi K2 4KPro as a great place to start in your action camera lifestyle.  You can set the video to 1080p and get a full 60fps, which produces good video and much less jumpy.  If your camera will be still such as recording a play or action located in front of the camera, the 4K video is great.  I do enjoy the app but there is quite a bit of lag and the download option/timing is a rather prominent negative.  However, moving the video to my MacBook pro was easy and I was able to use iMovie to make some fun compilations for my children.  There is some discrepancy on the slip cover regarding the MP rating and the max SD card.  I have a 32 GB in my camera currently and it works just fine.  I do not yet have a 64GB microSD card to test.  A quick amazon search supports 32GB AS MAX.   I would rate the overall experience at 4/5 stars.

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