Connect and transform your living space with the M8 wireless speaker.

Everyone likes music. Me? I love music. It’s as important as breathing to me. I listen to music every chance I get throughout the day as it’s an art form that speaks to me. I love hearing my favorite songs played through quality products like headphones and speakers. Even though Bluetooth speakers are a little new to me, I really jumped at the chance to review the M8 Wireless Lifestyle Portable Bluetooth Speaker from VEHO.

Features & Specs
The M8 speaker looks very high tech. It almost actually looks like something you’d see on the Starship Enterprise as it’s primarily made out of shiny aluminum and finished out with a solid plastic base. VEHO designed this speaker to not only produce wonderful sound for any occasion but also to look like a standout design piece. So, what’s behind the aluminum facade? To start, the M8 features 2 x 10W speakers and dual passive subwoofers. Because the M8 is built for portability, VEHO makes it easy to connect to it using Bluetooth. Even though that’s the primary connection option, they also included an auxiliary cable in case you wanted a direct line-in to an audio output device.

VEHO M8 Wireless Lifestyle Portable Bluetooth Speaker

On the base of the speaker, you will find a row of five button controls. These represent the main functions of the speaker – power on/off, answer call/hang up, volume up/down, and Bluetooth connection. These are very easy to press and you can feel a firm click when you tap them. The button that answers calls also acts as a play/pause button and you can also navigate the volume buttons to skip tracks. The M8 Speaker also has a 3D sound mode which is activated by pressing both the volume buttons at the same time and holding them for 1 second.

The M8 speaker has a 2200 mAh internal rechargeable battery and VEHO claims a 15-hour runtime on a full battery. I did not test this length of time out but never had a problem with the speaker cutting out on me. The M8 features low-energy Bluetooth connectivity so this helps the battery life. In addition to the aux cable, VEHO also includes a Micro USB cable for charging and a multilingual user manual. Even though a charging cable is included and you can charge the speaker from any USB outlet or power bank, a wall power adapter is not included.

VEHO M8 Wireless Lifestyle Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Testing & Conclusions
From the start, I was very impressed with the M8 speaker. The design is so unique that you really stand up and take notice of it. It almost has a retro look, which I like, and it’s very lightweight. With its metallic look, you would think it would weigh a couple of pounds at least, but it only comes in at 645 grams (an iPhone 7 Plus weight 188 grams), which really isn’t bad especially for a portable speaker.

The Veho M8 speaker is extremely easy to pair up to other devices. I tested it with a MacBook Pro (2011 model) and it paired right up. I also did not have any connection problems with it. I played several songs from YouTube on it and thought that it worked beautifully. The only real issue I saw with this item was that it is a fingerprint magnet due to its finish. It doesn’t both me so much, but my dad, who suffers from OCD, would have been driven crazy.

VEHO M8 Wireless Lifestyle Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Veho M8 speaker provides a very crisp and clear sound and the speaker has an amazing humming beat. I like that the device is portable and lightweight. It’s ideal for using in the garden, for birthday parties, or just on the go.

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