VEHO’s M7 Mode is a delightfully simple, yet elegant Bluetooth speaker.

Even though it was quite a new device to me a couple of years ago, I’ve seen a LOT of Bluetooth speakers since that time. Big ones…small ones…waterproof ones…I’ve even seen speakers that float. Needless to say, it kind of takes a lot to impress me when it comes to Bluetooth speakers these days. First and foremost, it must produce a great sound, but beyond that, I want to see something extraordinary with its design. That’s what I found when I opened the box to the VEHO M7 Mode speaker.

VEHO M7 Mode Retro Water Resistant Speaker

This gorgeous speaker was created by VEHO to be slim while retaining a retro design. It features a leather carrying handle and a sleek gunmetal gray color. The controls are situated on the top of the speaker and include a power button, play/pause, +/-, and the Bluetooth function button. The +/- buttons have two purposes as many speakers do these days. If you double tap either one, you will advance a song or go backward to the previous one. If you press either button once or hold it down, the volume will increase/decrease. These controls have worked well with both my iPhone 7 and my MacBook Pro.

VEHO M7 Mode Retro Water Resistant Speaker

The speaker is water-resistant (IPX4 rated housing) and features dual acoustic drivers with two powerful 10W speakers. I’ve not tested this extensively but I’m looking forward to having this speaker poolside this summer. This ends up providing the user with a deep, powerful bass sound. The M7 Mode includes pre-set equalizer controls for an additional bass boost and virtual 3D playback. I’ve been very impressed with the sound quality. It definitely provides a full, rich sound and the volume is nothing to shirk at. In fact, you actually have independent control over your device’s volume and the speaker volume. For example, I can turn up the volume on my iPhone and then still be able to turn it up on the speaker as well. Many Bluetooth speakers will only end up controlling the connected device’s native volume and not add anything else to it. I like the way the M7 operates.

VEHO M7 Mode Retro Water Resistant Speaker

You have the option to stream music directly to the speaker via Bluetooth (4.0) or you can connect a device to the line-in port on the back (aux cable is included). With a full battery charge, the M7 Mode should run for about 10 continuous hours (according to the VEHO website). I’ve not run mine quite that long yet, but I did run it for about two solid hours with no problems. The internal battery is 1300 mAh and you can even recharge your phone from it. There is a USB-A port on the back that allows you to plug directly into the speaker for recharging. You have to enable the charging mode by pressing the Bluetooth button on the speaker, but it’s quite a convenient feature. I plugged my iPhone 7 into the USB port and let it charge for about 20 minutes and I got 14% added to my battery. I think this works well for an emergency ‘pick me up’ charge when you are on the go.

From the moment I opened this speaker, I sort of fell for it. Its design is reminiscent of an old radio that my dad used to have and seeing the M7 sitting on my desk reminds me of working with him in his office. The M7 Mode Retro Water Resistant Speaker is definitely a stand-out piece for me. It’s got great, rich sound, is portable and durable, plus its design is completely unique from any other speakers I’ve seen. If you are in the market for an exceptional Bluetooth speaker, you won’t be disappointed with the M7.

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