Dash cam provides dual camera protection while driving.

Dash cams are not something people in the U.S. think about too much. I see plenty of video footage of dash cams from overseas, but here, we just don’t use them that much. It’s a shame because the benefit of a dash cam really does outweigh not having one. For starters, being able to catch something like an amazing magical unicorn running across the road, oh wait, sorry. That was a crack head running from the police. Either way having video would be interesting when you tell the story to your friends.

Seriously though, having the option to record video in the front of your vehicle is just as important as having car insurance. And speaking of insurance, if you have a car wreck and the police get the details wrong, having video proof that you did not run a red light, the person really did cross the line or whatever the case may be, video footage from a dash cam could help your case and get your insurance claim paid faster.

Vantrue N2 Dual Dash Cam REVIEW

One thing I hadn’t seen before in dash cams was the option to have a dual dash cam. A dual dash cam will record you and the occupants of your car with wide angle video footage while also recording the front of your car and the road. Not only is this helpful if you place it in the right area to record the cars behind you, but it’s also very helpful to prove you were not distracted in an accident. Someone might say you were on a cell phone, texting, playing Pokemon GO, sleeping or, as we used to call it when I was a kid, time traveling. The in-car footage could prove that you were not distracted.

The Vantrue N2 Dual Dash Cam is the first dash cam I’ve seen with two cameras. Not only does it have dual cameras, but it has two cameras that record in HD quality (the front-facing records in 1080P and the rear-facing records at 720P). Video at that high of a resolution will ensure that you never have to worry about missing a precious moment from your child, or that dreadful day that you have to prove your innocence. The camera powers on automatically and starts recording when your vehicle starts up. I like this automatic function because it ensures that I’m always covered.

Vantrue N2 Dual Dash Cam REVIEW

Both cameras have wide-angle viewing, too (front-170 degrees, rear-140 degrees). In my testing, there was more than enough viewing space to see the entire interior of my car and the front of my truck. I was very happy to find that the N2 records on a loop. That means that it will continue recording as long as you are in motion. The camera overwrites the oldest footage with the newest when the card is filled to capacity. The dash cam also includes a G-Sensor that automatically senses a crash. When that happens, it saves the video files so that they aren’t overwritten. One other very cool feature is Parking Mode. With Parking Mode, the camera detects motion and records when your car is parked if there is a collsion.

I have to admit that when I tested out this camera, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve tested out several dash cams and thought this might be like those dissappointments. Fortunately, I was wrong as this camera turned out to be a gem. The quality of the video for both cameras is superior to anything else I’ve ever seen in a dash cam. It’s crisp and clear and the audio is even very, very good.

The Vanture N2 Dual Dash Cam is very impressive. I feel very secure having it in my truck and feel that it will provide me with ample protection while I’m driving. If you are looking for a dash cam, I would recommend trying this one out.


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