Color printing joins V-MODA laser engraving and 3D printing customization options

V-MODA, the award-winning manufacturer of the world’s finest high-fidelity audio devices, today announces the availability of a new customization technique that’s giving customers the creative freedom to design their V-MODA headphones like never before. The brand’s unrivaled customization options will now include new, custom color printed shields to complement its award-winning headphones. 

V-MODA Offers New Color Printed Customization for Headphones NEWS


Through a specialized 3-layer printing process (one primer layer, one white layer and one CMYK layer) on aluminum shields, customers can now create their own multicolored designs to adorn any pair of V-MODA over-ear headphone models. The brand is also releasing an array of fresh new designs created in its Milano Design Studio, giving customers the option to pick their favorite colors of ready-made geometric patterns, drip graphics and soundwaves expertly designed to flow with the headphone’s shape.

Listeners will be able to customize their headphones on the V-MODA website through its redesigned and gamified customization configurator where they can see their designs come to life in real time. New “colored” design shields can be modified by choosing between various ink color combinations, creating aluminum shields that are truly unique to each user. For those seeking an extra personal touch, customizable monograms and sports-inspired jersey number styles are amongst the new designs.

V-MODA Offers New Color Printed Customization for Headphones NEWS

V-MODA is extending its “Upload your Own” concierge service to include the new color printing customization offering. Starting from $25 (€25), customers who know exactly what they want can send their own design to V-MODA. They will be paired with one of the brand’s in-house designers to help perfect their own personal design and turn it into reality.

V-MODA Offers New Color Printed Customization for Headphones NEWS

Color printing customization joins V-MODA’s popular personalization techniques of laser engraving and 3D printing, which the brand has become known for. Color printed shields can either be bundled when purchasing a pair of over-ear V-MODA headphones or customers can purchase Custom Shield Kits individually to give a new look to their favorite headphone from the Crossfade series.

For more information on all the customization options V-MODA now offers, visit the new customization hub at


The color printed shields are now available at and join laser engraving and 3D printed shields on the customization configurator which can be found on every over-ear headphone webpage. Over-Ear Custom Shield Kits can also be bought separately at starting from $35 (€35), depending on shield materials and customization process.

Customization is available worldwide, exclusively at
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