Paying for quality with the Crossfade II Wireless Headphones.

One of my favorite things to try out is headphones.  Especially the studio with ear cups kind because music tends to me more immersive that way.  There’s a wide range of prices and qualities to headphones and V-MODA is a luxury style and sound brand.  The Crossfade II wireless Bluetooth headphones instantly became a favorite the moment they started to play.  The clarity is so good that all the headphones I have are going to have to take a seat while the V-MODA steps up.

V-MODA Crossfade II Wireless Headphones (Rose Gold) REVIEW

Unboxing: Down to the packaging V-MODA has a high-end style.  I’m always drawn to great packaging and the quality of the materials used for the box indicated to me that whats inside is going to be great quality as well.  The headphones come inside a very nice hard black case with a carabiner clip that is very durable and will hold up well for traveling.  Taking the headphones out I realized how small they are capable of folding down.  The hinges allow them to fold inward and become really compact.  I adore the rose gold accents on the hinge, headband, and the small screws holding the plates on the ear pieces.  These headphones have an excellent build to them that has a luxury feel.  The headband is thick and comfortably padded and the ear cups are padded with memory foam and feel amazing.  The overall design is chic an modern but also very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

V-MODA Crossfade II Wireless Headphones (Rose Gold) REVIEW

Getting Started:  The set up is pretty simple to getting started using the Crossfade II headphones.  It comes with the micro-USB cord to charge the headphones and an auxiliary cable if you want to connect the headphones straight to the device.  On the right outer ear cuff is where the controls are.  To sync and turn on you slide the piece back for three seconds and then it will be on and pair with your device.  Towards the top of the ear piece the volume, skip, play, and pause features can be used.  This headset synced with my phone fast with no issues.  The music quality through these headphones are very high quality and give all the current popular high price point headphones a run for their money.  The V-MODA headphones quickly became my new favorite pair.  I enjoyed the quality of music in every genre that I’ve been listening to on them.  These are definitely Hi-Res sound and also have noise-isolating feature that really help to immerse yourself into what you’re listening to.  I’d also like to point out is that even at full volume if someone else is wearing them you really can’t hear what they are listening to.

V-MODA Crossfade II Wireless Headphones (Rose Gold) REVIEW

Features: I used the built in microphone for a couple of phone calls and they worked really well for that because I could hear who I was talking to clearly and they didn’t have to ask me “what did you say?”  Included with the headphones is a 1/4 pro adaptor.  They also highlight that these would great for gamers, musicians, and DJ’s because of the no latency and no batteries.   One cool thing about the design of these is that they make custom 3D shield kits to change up the style of them.  These also come with a warranty and 50% immortal life protection program that you register for on their website.

V-MODA Crossfade II Wireless Headphones (Rose Gold) REVIEW

Overall:  These headphones are a definite win.  I know the headphones are a little on the pricer side but what you will be paying for with this is quality, not just a name.  I would recommend these to anyone, especially those who appreciate music and want to listen to it loud and clear.

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