The perfect add-on to any flat lay photography session

I’ve found one of the most asked questions I get is what type of photographer I am. Am I a wedding photographer? An event photographer? Product? Wildlife? Nature? The answer I usually give is, “Yes.” All jokes aside I like to photograph all types of subjects and there are some that I feel more comfortable with than others. Product photography has been one of the areas that has always been uncomfortable for me because my studio is a small dedicated space in my home office. Due to lack of space, I haven’t been able to shoot off of large tabletop set-ups with standard size backdrops and I’ve felt like I have to shoot every product from the same spot which makes the photos seem unimaginative and boring. It just never felt quite right to me. Fortunately, there have been some companies that create some beautiful backdrop boards that are designed to use in smaller spaces like mine. They are perfect for flat-lay photography backgrounds. V-Flat World is one of the companies that has designed these photography boards. They call their product Duo Boards.


Duo Boards are designed to provide content creators with functional, easy to use backgrounds that provide a high-quality professional-looking photo. The boards are two-sided – each side having a different design – and are designed to be connected together with a leg bracket (L-bracket). This allows the photographer to have a realistic floor and wall set-up on a tabletop. The boards are lightweight – weighing only 2 pounds (or less) each – and are available in two different sizes — 24 x 24 and 30 x 40. Because of their portability, the boards can be used anywhere and at any time. The boards are rigid and stain-resistant. They are also designed to be glare-resistant so that you can have better lighting design options. The boards are made with lightweight PVC and are printed in super high resolution (UHD, 300 dpi) so that the photographer has realistic backgrounds. Each Duo Board is sold separately. So in order to have a wall and a floor, you will need to purchase two separate boards.

Onyx Marble/Alpine Marble
White Subway Tile/Ebony Subway Tile
Vintage Oak/Ink Hardwood
Whitewash/Hickory Planks
Aged Cutting Board/Butchers Board
Iced Concrete/Midnight Cement
Ocean Slate/Black Slate
Royal Marble/Rose Marble
Wisp Tile/Pebble Tile
Gilded Herringbone/Cloud Herringbone


When I started diving into the world of flat-lay photography, I was using some pretty basic items for backgrounds. I picked up some craft paper and poster board from a local craft store; I used t-shirt material once; and, I’ve even used XL mousepads before. While there is nothing wrong with any of these as a background, I really wanted to take my photography to the next level. Duo Boards have gotten me there. First of all, there is very little – if any – glare to worry about. This takes away one of the biggest headaches I have with flat lays. The boards are printed in such a way that they actually appear to have a texture to them. This is really what makes them stand out to me from other background boards. Some boards just look like a 2D photo. Duo Boards actually look like they are real pieces of marble or tile. They are perfect for food photography and help give that extra high-end look to product shots.

Another great benefit to using the Duo Boards is that they are flat boards. They do not curl up like paper or have creases in them like fabric. They will always be 100% flat. Because of that, they are ideal for studio work. They don’t roll or fold up for travel, but if you have the V-Flat Bag you could store the boards inside that and pull them out when you move from location to location. This makes them a must-have for photographers who travel. I store them flat up against a wall in my office and place them on a tabletop when I’m ready to use them. When I’m done, they store away fast. The boards do come with a microfiber cloth so that you can protect the bottom side of the board while you are using the other side for your shoot. By laying the cloth down, you can ensure that your board won’t get scratched up or dinged while it’s laying on a table.

While I’ve used the boards for several product shoots now, one of my favorite things that I’ve photographed with these boards is a bouquet of flowers that my grandmother got for Christmas. Her niece sent her this really nice arrangement that not only held roses, but also included greenery, pine cones, shiny holiday ornaments, and a pot that resembled tree bark. I thought it was an ideal subject to photograph because of all the contrasting colors and textures. So, before the flowers wilted, I set up the duo boards and got some shots of the arrangement. It ended up being a stunning pairing because the black backgrounds from the Duo Boards really made the flowers pop. 


When I started working with the V-Flat World Duo Boards, I wanted to make sure that I used them for a long time before writing this review. I wanted to be able to state whether or not they hold up well with regular use; I wanted to know if they would fade or get damaged easily. So far, I’m extremely happy with their performance. I’ve used them numerous times since I got them and I haven’t noticed colors fading or extraneous damage to the boards. The Duo Boards help provide a solid background for flat-lay, product, and food photography. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. 

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