A great addition to on-the-go photography gear.

About a year ago, I decided to research and acquire a quick release plate system that I could use with all my gear. I really liked the idea of being able to leave a plate attached to my camera so that no matter which tripod or slider I decided to use, I could quickly and efficiently mount my camera. I opted to work with the Bogen/Manfrotto quick release system, which utilizes a lever operated clamp to secure the plate to the mount.

I’ve been very happy with this style of the system until recently when I picked up the Capture Clip from Peak Design. This handy accessory allows me to securely fasten a DSLR to the shoulder strap of my backpack for incredibly quick and easy access. It’s an exceptional accessory and one I would recommend to any on-the-go photographer. The Capture Clip uses the Arca Swiss quick release system (it uses a tripod channel with “jaws” that can be closed and tightened with the turn of a screw) and as soon as I fell in love with this little accessory and found how easy it was to slip my camera in and out of the Capture Clip mount, I thought it might be time for a change.

UTEBIT Arca Swiss QR Plate 4

Once I made the decision to switch to Arca Swiss plates, I started researching the system and to my dismay, I found so many reviews on so many different brands that it made making a decision on which brand to go with nearly impossible. So, I narrowed my search and I decided to find one that had a round base so I could use it with my Manfrotto Monopod. This is when I found the UTEBIT Arca Swiss Quick Release Plate.

The UTEBIT quick release system features a standard quick release plate that is compatible with Arca Swiss and utilizes a knob lock design with an adjustable clamp size (40-44cm). The quick release plate has a 1/4″ screw for installation on the camera and a 3/8″ thread hole on the bottom. A 1/4″ female to 3/8″ male bushing adapter is included for installation on a tripod or light stand. It’s made out of an aluminum alloy material and includes a built-in bubble level. The quick release system is lightweight and only adds 4.8 ounces to your camera set-up.

I feel that the UTEBIT Arca Swiss Quick Release Plate is made well. It feels sturdy and I don’t see any chintzy parts on it that could break easily. It screws onto my Manfrotto Monopod with ease and the plate slides on and off with no catch. Once tightened, the plate stays in place without budging. I really like having the built-in level because it gives me a quick view to making sure I’m leveling my shots up. I’ve not used the level a lot, but when I have, it’s been very useful.

UTEBIT Arca Swiss QR Plate 6

The plate comes with four rubber pads to keep your camera from slipping and the plate has a 1/4’’ screw. You can use a coin or the twistable flip to screw it into your camera. What I really like about this little Quick release plate is how small it is and how well it blends into my monopod. Unlike some of the other ones, I’ve seen, this Arca Swiss plate looks good and works wonderfully well.

Would I recommend it? Yes, I think I would. Anyone who works with Arca Swiss plates, or is considering switching over to them, will find this little accessory very helpful. I believe it is a great addition to anyone’s photographer gear.

For more information, visit UTEBIT