Writing has evolved immensely from using typewriters, papers, and pens as well as clay tablets. Today, computers have eased the process by simplifying writing as well as editing. There are modern apps available across different operating systems to enable students to have a better experience.

Students today have devised new and better ways to simplify doing their essays. They can utilize an app like Ulysses to complete a Frankenstein essay or even research papers. There are several free articles online that tackle Frankenstein as a case study. The examples available have been compiled after thorough research and analysis. 

Criteria For Selecting The Best Writing App

Writing encompasses different factors. Before selecting an app to buy or download. Consider the following pertinent issues:

  1. Writing Phases – Writing is an extensive exercise that may vary depending on the requirements outlined by the instructor. It can be non-fiction, fiction, prose, short-form, or report. These different types of writing all have the same basis. There are key steps involved:
  • Prewriting: This step involves selecting a topic, planning, and researching. Here you are required to gather your thoughts.
  • Drafting: When writing a Frankenstein essay, your first draft may not be perfect. It is essential that you keep doing the assignment regardless and don’t second guess your work.
  • Revising: You can add and delete content from your first draft at this point. You can also rearrange your ideas of the essay and improve the wording.
  • Editing: At this stage, remove the minor errors in the text. Check on plagiarism, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and clarity. 
  • Publishing: There are mac writing applications that can publish online on different web platforms or even create eBooks. 
  1. Word Processors – Utilizing the word processor and text editor to complete your Frankenstein essay is not ideal. It will get the job done but will not have the quality of writing apps for mac features. Word processors are mainly for improving the general aesthetics of the final document. In contrast, text editors are solely for developers to code. 
  1. Content Over Style – Word processors are only efficient in beautifying the work. They can be quite a nuisance when formulating their content, unlike writing programs for macs, which help students to complete their assignments in due time.  Before settling for the apps below, we considered several factors students may require to help finish their Frankenstein Essays. We considered the writing tools available, referencing, organization, export, and publication syncing, and pricing as well. 

Here are the best apps to use when writing your essay:

  1. Ulysses

It’s an excellent app for both IOS and Mac that gives a simplistic interface when writing. It features so many fantastic factors that simplify your work. The document library allows you to access your work from any platform and pick up where you left. 

Ulysses has a high reputation among students due to its convenience. You can complete your Frankenstein essay and publish it in different formats available. You can export to HTML, PDF, or Microsoft Word. 

It’s a very modern application that uses plain text; Markdown helps format and clear organizational structure. It also features word count and writing goals to keep you motivated to accomplish your goals. It only costs $4.99 per month.

  1. Bear

This is an excellent app for note-taking and writing essays. The best feature on Bear is the ability to organize your work by tags. It utilizes a much more recent version of Markdown, which is highly compatible. It only costs $1.49 per month. 

  1. iA Writer

Most students struggle with remaining focused when tackling their assignments. The iA Writer helps students remove all forms of distractions. The dark mode feature on the app will help you complete your Frankenstein essay in a jiffy. It also points out repetitive statements or ideas, thereby improving the quality of your work. It is only $29.99 per month.

  1. Scrivener

The app helps you go through the different writing stages with ease. It may come across as a word processing application, but it is intended for students. It is a phenomenal app if you want to tackle your assignment from any point. It is suited for long-form essays. 

Students who do not necessarily start writing from top to bottom will appreciate the diversity of this app. You can easily have an overview of your work and rearrange the different segments as you please. It costs $44.99 per month from the MAC App Store.

  1. Light Paper

Light paper is a cheaper version of Ulysses offering the same benefits. It features multiple tabs that allow you to view different documents at the same time. It also has the shadows and scratch notes that make it popular. You can easily add the notes on the menu bar, and they will be showcased on the sidebar. It costs only $14.99 per month. 


There are many writing apps available for MacBook, some are expensive and others free, all are very efficient. Make sure you pick a writing app that best suits your needs individually. The requirements for writing your paper or your college studies, in general, will serve as a guide as to which app will best suit your needs.