URPOWER Monopod Selfie Stick Review:

An easy to use selfie stick at an affordable price.

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With it being spring time now, there are a lot of opportunities to capture life through photos. Some of my favorite things to take pictures of are blooming flowers and small animals and insects. It can be very hard to get up close and personal with these things though because they have a way of protecting themselves.

For example, we have a Robin that built her nest about our utility meter – which sits behind a rose bush. It’s a very strategic location and has been a favorite for birds in our neighborhood the past couple of summer – cardinals took to it last year – so, it was no surprise when we saw our newest parent-to-be resident carefully perched on her nest. We’ve been very careful to watch out of her and her eggs, but have also been curious about her babies.

A few days ago the eggs hatched, but based off of the height and placement of the nest, we have not been able to lay our eyes on the new birds much. This is where a Selfie Stick comes in handy.

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While I’ve not really been a huge fan of selfie sticks, I definitely see their purpose. They help to capture events that you would otherwise not be able to see. This particular time I was using a Monopod Selfie Stick by URPOWER. It’s a sturdy, rechargeable, extendable Selfie Stick with a built-in Bluetooth Remote. The stick comes equipped with one adjustable phone clamps that is compatible with smartphones up to 85mm (most ‘phablet’-sized phones). It’s fairly self-explanatory about how it works, but I’ll get into the details a bit below.


When I first pulled the stick out of the box, I was not overly impressed. There isn’t much that makes it unique. It’s got a rotating head on it that is controlled by a locking knob on the side. And, there is a rotating screw on the top that allows you to tighten or loosen the phone clamp without having to turn the device by hand. This is something I wish more tripods and monopods have. When fully extended, the joints feel wobbly. The button is in a nice place for your thumb to rest comfortably.

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The phone mount is pretty plain. It’s made from lightweight plastic with some foam adhered to the inside of the clamp so that your phone doesn’t get dinged up while it’s laying inside the clamp. URPOWER also includes a small accessory that is best described as a security cap for the mount. It fits over the rounded part of the clamp and can adjust down to better hold the phone in place.


To use the monopod with your phone, you must first pair it. The pairing process I was actually impressed with. Once you place the stick into power/pairing mode by switching the power to ‘on,’ it almost immediately shows up in the Bluetooth menu of the iPhone. Once paired, you are ready to start capturing shots.

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The phone fits pretty comfortably within the clamp. I tested this out with an iPhone 6 and found it felt secure even when in the clamp was fully extended. Next, I attached the phone with clamp onto the mount on the monopod. Even though the phone and clamp don’t weigh that much, it still felt like a strain on the stick. I guess I would just like to see the stick be more balanced overall. Also, the further the stick is extended, the weaker it feels.

Once the phone is paired and mounted to the stick, taking shots are very simple. You just focus in on your subject and then click the button on the handle to take the shot. I found that it works 90% of the time and then is intermittent the other times. I had a couple of instances where I would have to click the button 2 or 3 times before it would take a shot. I suppose it’s possible that I have a faulty button or stick, but I wanted to make sure I mentioned this issue.

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Monopod Selfie Stick by URPOWER with Built-in Remote is not a bad purchase, but does have some bugs to work out. It retails for $14.99 and is worth it at that price point. There are much more advanced selfie sticks that cost much more, but at $15, it’s a great buy. It works and keeps the phone secure when in use. Despite any issues I had with this particular item while testing, I can safely recommend it to anyone who wants an inexpensive monopod/selfie stick. I was finally able to capture a nice image of the nest without getting stuck by a thorn. Unfortunately, all the birds had already flown away.