URPower Magnetic Car Mount Review

Photo_3Today I’m reviewing a suction cup car mount that makes use of magnets to hold your device onto the mounting base. I was confused before I even removed the mount from the box because of the, shall we say, ‘interesting’ wording of the product features on the back of its packaging. Some of the highlights are:

  • “Simple and Generous appearance”
  • “Bose can adjust 360 to any view, button designed can easy loading and anloading”
  • “Boanckct can absort to glass or put on the AC shelf”

Photo_1I realize that English is likely the second language of the author, but seriously I can’t believe they even tried after reading that. This would not be a huge deal if it was pretty clear on how you are supposed to use the product. After all, this is a suction mount so one would assume it that it is meant to attach to the windshield. However, the box highlights (with pictures) the unit’s ability to rotate 360 degrees for portrait or landscape viewing, but seems to show the unit sitting vertical as if it is on the dashboard. Maybe this is what “or put on AC shelf” means?

After playing with this mount for quite a bit, I could find no position on the windshield that would allow this mount to move in any direction that would be remotely useful for looking at my phone. I also found the magnets to be quite weak as a couple of sharp bumps knocked my phone off of the mount. The suction cup was very strong and held onto glass very well, but this is of little use since you can’t move your phone to a comfortable viewing angle and even if you could, it’s just going to fall off the first time you cross a rough railroad or hit a big pothole.

Photo_4I’m sure this review is coming off as a bit mean, but I don’t think it’s too much to expect a magnet mount to have strong magnets to hold an expensive device and provide a range of motion to view the screen of said device. The poorly written instructions were just the icing on the cake.

I would not recommend this mount to anyone that wants to safely mount their device in their car and look at their phone while it is in the mount.