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URPOWER LED Light-up Blueooth Speaker Review 2I’ve had a fascination with Bluetooth speakers that light up for quite some time. One of the speakers I’ve really had my eye on is the JBL Pulse because of its fluid motion with the movement of the LED lights. This one from URPOWER mimics that style of motion and color that the JBL Pulse puts out. It’s not built as a cylindrical tower, but is instead a small square style speaker, which is actually a little more convenient.

URPOWER’s Wireless Stereo Speaker with LED Lights utilizes Bluetooth 3.0 Technology. It promises to connect to your device within about three seconds of setting the speaker into pairing mode. Connection was very simple and quick and it amplifies the sound of your mobile device very well. There are very few Bluetooth accessories that I’ve been able to pair so easily.

URPOWER LED Light-up Blueooth Speaker Review 4The speaker appears to be very durable and even somewhat water resistant as all the buttons and ports are covered with the silicone covering that encases the speaker. That is not something that is indicated by the user manual or even the description on Amazon, but having used other ‘all-weather’ speakers, URPOWER’s Wireless Stereo Speaker with LED Lights exhibits some of the same qualities as those devices.

I paired the speaker with my iPhone 6 and was quite impressed with the volume I was able to get from it. This small portable wireless speaker has a nice depth of sound with punchy bass and has easy to use controls. The forward/back controls even control tracks within apps like Pandora. There is a pause/play/answer button and a mode changing button, too.

URPOWER LED Light-up Blueooth Speaker Review 5Now, even though it’s a Bluetooth speaker, it comes packaged with a 3.5mm audio cable so that it can be used with non-Bluetooth devices, too. The speaker charges with the aide of a Micro USB cable, which is also included.

One feature I was a bit leery of was the LED lights. I’ve seen a lot of speakers that incorporate LED lights, but many of them have dull, lifeless lights. That’s not the case with this URPOWER speaker. It has a a very vibrant array of colors and there are seven different modes to choose from.

This is a very nice speaker and is affordable within its category. Not only does it put out nice sound, but it also provides a fun light show.


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