URPOWER 12000mAh Power Bank Review

Photo_1One of the products that I feel like I can never have enough of is external batteries. They come in very handy and you never know when you will run out of power. I recently came across a very economical portable battery 12000mAh Power Bank.

This battery pack has enough power to recharge most modern mobile phones as well as most tablets. It contains Grade A Lithium Ion polymer cells and premium microchips. It is designed to avoid overcharging, over voltage, overcorrect and short circuiting so it’s perfect for longer charging times. The Power Bank has two USB ports – 1 – Photo_25V/2.1amp and 1 – 5V/1amp. This will allow you to charge two devices at once. One of the remarkable things about this battery is that it’s got a standby time of up to 6 months when it’s fully charged. That’s great for people like me who charge their batteries, but then don’t use them for long periods of time. Even though this battery is a bit heavier than some that I’ve come across, it’s still very compact and will fit in most pockets or bags.

Photo_4After using this battery for a few days I am happy to say that it’s not given me any issues. It doesn’t get hot when charging my iPhone 6 Plus and I haven’t experienced any disconnecting/reconnecting issues. It’s been a very solid battery. It’s built very well and I don’t feel like it will fall apart easily.

Even though the Power Bank from URPower might look a bit generic, it’s a good battery and it operates very well. Some of the other batteries I have are about the same size, but have a smaller capacity to charge devices. That’s why I really like this battery. It’s 12,000 mAh of power really make a huge difference when you have multiple devices to charge.