Trooper is a highly protective case with a little extra storage.

I like to keep my phone in a case. You never know what is going to happen and with the new iPhone 7 just recently being released – and me upgrading to it – I want to keep my phone as pristine as possible. I typically like to keep my phone in a case that protects but isn’t overly bulky. I try to steer away from the ‘defender’ style cases. That’s why I like Urban Armor Gear’s (UAG) cases. They provide military-grade protection while remaining feather-light.

When I started to look at cases for my iPhone 7, I looked to UAG to offer the ultimate protection with style and I found the Trooper case. Trooper offers 360º protection with a soft, rubberized screen surround and rear skid pads. There is built-in impact resistance with the combination of the hard outer shell and soft, impact-resistant core. The case does have a raised bezel so that your screen is protected if it’s placed face-down on a surface and the corners of the case are reinforced for maximum impact protection.

Urban Armor Gear Trooper iPhone 7 Case REVIEW

Even though the Trooper case has the look of a defender style case, it is far from it. The case is very lightweight. When I first put it on my phone, I was surprised that UAG designed this case to be as lightweight as it is. It looks like it would feel bulky, but it does not. One of my very basic litmus tests for bulk on cases is whether or not the case will slide down on my iPhone dock. I have Native Union Lighting Dock for iPhone, which is designed to handle cases that are a little heftier. At first, I thought Trooper would fail, but I discovered that if I turn the phone backward – so that the back is facing forward – that I the case and phone fit on the dock just fine.

Urban Armor Gear Trooper iPhone 7 Case REVIEW

In addition to offering ultimate protection with a slim profile, the UAG Trooper case also has a compartment intended for credit cards or IDs.  I love this feature, but I had a lot of time getting the trap door to open and close. As a result, I ended up using the case without taking advantage of the extra storage. This made me a little sad that I couldn’t use it easily, but overall, I was very happy with the case and its performance. I would recommend this for any type of outing but would advise that it’s not 100% protection since the screen is still exposed.

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