Pathfinder Case for iPhone 7 Plus is a very lightweight and slim case

When it comes to choosing new cases for my iPhone 7 Plus I tend to be picky.  I enjoy a  nice folio case or one that’s very slim with a thin bumper edging to help with drop protection.  The Urban Armor Gear Pathfinder iPhone 7 Plus case is very slim and designed to give some protection to accidental drops and normal wear and tear.

The design of this case has a rugged, edgy look to it.  This design not only makes it look tough but it also serves a purpose for protection.  It is only one solid piece because the hard outer shell is bonded with the silicone bumper edging.  The case meets military drop-test standards and I can see by the slanted edging it would disperse impact.  By looking at it, I thought it would fit my phone bulkier than it did.  My iPhone 7 Plus kept its light weight and the case didn’t add unnecessary inches to it.

Urban Armor Gear Pathfinder iPhone 7 Plus Case REVIEW

Putting the case on my phone was very simple.  The hard outer shell has some give to it  allowing you to just snap the case in.  I really like the way the black case edging looks with the rose gold iPhone 7 Plus white front screen.  One really important feature of the case is the fact that they designed a nice flat charge port space that is wide enough to allow every third party lightning charger that I have.  The only thing that did not work with this case was my charging dock.  I feel at liberty to point that out however, most cases do to work with my charging dock anyway.  The buttons are covered but work just fine without any sticking or lack of contact.  Thankfully the silence switch area is shallow enough to where it’s very easy to switch on and off.

Urban Armor Gear Pathfinder iPhone 7 Plus Case REVIEW

Overall the case works for me and my lifestyle.  I think that this case will hold up and protect my iPhone 7 Plus without any issues.

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