Fingerprint Padlock Originally Featured on “Shark Tank” Now Available in Small, Sleek and Secure Design for Vacation and Business Use

Whether heading off to a dream vacation or catching a morning business flight, there’s no need to remember lock combinations or to carry keys when your checked bags are concerned. The innovative fingerprint BenjiLock By Hampton® TSA Travel/Luggage Lock has you protected – all you need to unlock it is your finger.

Hampton Products, a leading innovator of security products for consumers and business, is introducing the Travel Sentry-approved and TSA accepted BenjiLocks into the luxury travel market. These small, sleek and fashion-forward travel padlocks allow users to travel without keys. If necessary, the lock can be opened by airport security and then returned to luggage, keeping valuables secure during domestic and overseas trips.

The newest BenjiLock is part of a growing family of products that build on the momentum created by the original BenjiLock By Hampton Fingerprint Padlock. Available in white and matte black, each BenjiLock By Hampton TSA Travel/Luggage Lock measures approximately 2-4/5″H x 1-5/16″W x 4/5″D and features a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, chrome-plated hardened steel shackle, and can store five different fingerprints. The lock also comes with a private, resettable combination for use by travelers whose finger prints are not stored in the lock’s memory. A Micro-USB charging cable is included.

“We’ve designed the latest BenjiLock to be small and lightweight to go where you go, with patented fingerprint technology that allows you to leave your keys at home,” said Kim Kelley, president, Hampton Products International. “The small profile design makes it an extremely versatile solution for those seeking a strong and secure lock as they move through their day – beyond vacation and business travel it’s also ideal for use on bags and lockers at the gym, and on work and school backpacks.”

The gift-ready BenjiLock By Hampton TSA Travel/Luggage Lock has an MSRP is $49.99 and is available at selected retailers and as well as online at and other leading sites.

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