Train yourself to never slouch again

If you spend a lot of time at a computer you might find yourself fighting a bit of back pain. This is most likely due to slouching. As a child, you might have a memory burned into your brain from your parents or grandparents scolding you to straighten up while at dinner. “Stop Slouching!” “Straighten up!” Heck, I’ve found myself telling my daughter the same thing while we are at restaurants. In public you might notice it and keep yourself from slouching but what about while you are on your computer or just relaxing watching TV? You might not even realize that your body has started to curl over.

You will find that slouching not only portrays a view of less confidence but it also can affect your overall health. UPRIGHT GO is here to help with this issue. It’s a small device that connects to your smartphone to allow tracking of your bad habit. You can use training mode to receive a vibration everytime you slouch. This helps you remember to, as your elders would say, Sit up straight and STOP SLOUCHING.


The UPRIGHT GO comes with five reusable adhesive pads for attaching the device to your back and four alcohol pads for cleaning your adhesive pads. There is also a hard-shell carrying case in the box, along with a Micro-USB cable for charging, two stickers, an instruction packet and a warranty card.

You will find getting started with the UPRIGHT GO is rather easy. Follow the instructions from the included booklet or the on-screen guide via the iOS or Android app. Once you have the device connected to the app you can place it on your back. It needs to be placed vertically so it’s in line with your spine. You can do this yourself by reaching behind your head and sticking it as far down as you can comfortably.

There are two modes to work with – Tracking and Training mode. Tracking will simply keep an eye out on your posture and chart it out for you when you slouch without notifying you. This helps paint a picture for yourself on your body’s slouching habits. Training mode, on the other hand, will buzz each time you start the naughty habit of folding your body over.


While writing this article, I plugged myself into the UPRIGHT GO and found it to be quite effective. Some people might be a little concerned about the ‘buzzing’ action from the device, but it’s really just that. I suffer from chronic pain due to a past leg injury and as a result, I use a TENS unit to help relieve some pain I feel. My reason for stating this is to demonstrate that the UPRIGHT GO does not act the same way a TENS unit does. It’s a gentle buzz that will simply notify you of the slouching motion you are doing at that moment. It’s more like the buzz you would feel from an Apple Watch then the shock you would get some a TENS unit. I was wearing the unit for about 30 minutes and found that I already became more aware of my body’s position after that short period of time.

The UPRIGHT GO by itself isn’t going to be the complete solution for better posture habits. You will want to make sure if you are sitting at a computer that you are eye level with your monitor. A good way to remember is to look at your web browser and if when you’re looking straight ahead your eyes are looking at the address bar you have the monitor at a decent hight. You will also want to keep it around arm’s length away from you. To help keep from straining your eyes.


While in training mode, you are basically teaching your body not to slouch. Your muscles will start to remember what the proper sitting position is because it is being trained to react to a stimulus. Every time the UPRIGHT GO buzzes, you sit up straight. Over time your brain will take over and you will slowly find yourself slouching no more.

I find this to be a very useful tool for people who have a sedentary lifestyle or for people who sit behind a computer for 8 hours a day. Small changes in your posture habits can really improve your overall health and when you aren’t very active, engaging different muscle groups can benefit your life in a big way.


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