Charging Dock has great form and design but lacks enough energy output to satisfy our modern day smartphones.

With all of the devices that require power, it often becomes difficult to find wall plug real estate.   I believe it is common knowledge to avoid overloading circuits, yet this is quite common in dormitory and office locations.  Unfortunately, it seems that everything we own plugs into one outlet, in one room.  It also seems that there are some room outlets that may never see a prong.  Whether you are charging a device via USB A or type A or B wall outlet, charging docks/hubs often tend to give you more options.  Personally, the charging hubs/docks have replaced the standard power strip, in my home.

The W01 2 in 1 Charging Dock arrives in a 7 3/4″ long by 4″ wide by 3 1/4″ tall standard brown cardboard box, surrounded by a white slipcover.  The cover provides an image of the device and notes “Designed for Apple Watch.”  The packaging also details “steady current help to protect your devices.” The top and the bottom of the slip cover only note the same statement “Designed for Apple Watch.”  The back provides model information, input of 100-250VAC at 50-60Hz and USB output of 5V 1A X 2/MAX 2A output total.  Sliding the cover off of the packaging, you will notice the completely plain cardboard box. I wish there was a label or something on this box as it seems unfinished.

UPOW 2 in 1 Charging Dock: Pill Shaped Charger for Your Smartphone and Apple Watch REVIEW

The Device:
The product is nestled inside of a clear opaque plastic bag and includes a 52″ Type A wall plug adaptor and an instruction manual.  There are 2 twist ties attached to the power plug, that you can use as cable ties for the watch charger and phone charger (not included).  You can use a USB to USB micro or USB A to lightning as there is a notch in the device for any cable.  This does not lock you into the Apple phones.  The pill shape and the coloration, however, does seem to match the Apple color scheme and idea.  I will admit, the gray on white coloration is quite eye pleasing.

Towards the bottom of the cylinder is a push tab, which when depressed, allows you to slide the back off of the device. It is rather stiff to depress, but using a butter knife, I was able to gently slide off the back of the HUB.  Inside are 2 USB A type slots.  The innermost plug is meant for the phone and the outermost port is for the Apple Watch charger port.  There is a chamber, to store your cables. This measures 3 3/4″ long by 2 1/8″ tall by 1 1/4″ deep.  This chamber is actually really convenient.  The manual suggested short cables.  A quick evaluation of the device shows why this is recommended.  I concur with the manual, and I highly encourage short cables. The longer cables take up too much space and the inside of the pill shaped charger gets very cramped, very quickly.

UPOW 2 in 1 Charging Dock: Pill Shaped Charger for Your Smartphone and Apple Watch REVIEW

The instruction manual is poorly written and feels like a translation.  The pictures/diagrams are understandable and the product is straightforward and easy to utilize. Each of the ports is designed as a 5V 1 A output.  This is, unfortunately, less than adequate, for many modern phones that can tolerate up to 2A current. I plugged a USB multimeter into the port and then plugged my phone into the USB port.  Remember, current is on demand and you cannot generate current without your device drawing upon it.  While charging alone I was able to get 5V 2A output onto my phone.  When I plugged my watch charger into it as well, I generated 1 A through my phone.  The specifications are, unfortunately, accurate.  This device will work, and it will charge any modern smartphone, but it will take a while to charge fully.  The 2A output is minimal when there are 4 port USB outlets that provide 1-2A per port.  This device would be much more versatile if It would provide 3A total output, with left generating up to 2A and right up to 1A.

I really like the cable management of this system.  The hollow core design is quite refreshing and provides a great reduction in the overall cable eyesore.  I like that the Apple Watch charger port is recessed.  I like that the Apple Watch section is a different color, showing separation of the device.  The phone charging port is 3 15/16″ long by 1 3/4″ wide by 5/8″ deep and easily holds my iPhone 6s Plus, inside of a Catalyst case.   The device weighs 16.5 oz with the 1M Apple magnetic watch charger and a relatively long USB to lightning cable.  Personally, I like the design but the output of the USB ports needs to be increased to 3A total and possibly even 4A output total, with some homes going to larger circuits for some outlets.  I did charge my phone and watch overnight and did have a full charge by morning.  The device did not get hot; the inside of the pill, where the cords and USB ports are, felt mildly warm but not hot.  Overall the device does as advertised.

UPOW 2 in 1 Charging Dock: Pill Shaped Charger for Your Smartphone and Apple Watch REVIEW

To summarize, I really like the look and feel of the device.  The cable management on this device is actually better than some of the more expensive/more mainstream multi-device docking ports.  It is my personal opinion that the limitation of this device is the power output.  1A alone for modern day phones is really industry minimum.  This would be ideal for a bedside table, where you would have a 6-8 hour period of time to charge your device.  It has become customary to charge my apple watch every night on a stand.  Having 1 device to charge phone and watch would be ideal.  Alas, 1A output just simply is not acceptable as I am often looking for a more rapid charge.  To be fair, slower charging is likely better for the device in the long run.  In the 1-2 years that we will have the device, it will make no noticeable difference.  To me, that slower charging is an inconvenience.  I would rate the device at a 4/5 as it is useful, it does everything it says it will do and actually has a really nice cable management system.  For the average user, for a desk at the office or a nightstand, this would work well for you.  For me, I need a system that charges much faster, especially if I am going to tie up one of my main outlets in the bedroom, my bedside table.