Easily drag/drop images and videos to Instagram with UPLET but not if two factor authentication is turned on.

Born in 1981, I have never felt like I belonged to Gen X or the Millenial crowds.  Rather, I have grown fond of two sub-generational names, the Oregon Trail Generation coined by Anna Garver in 2015 and the Xennial generation by Sarah Stankorb in 2014.  As a group, we have a distinct and unique history, born to an analog world but growing up alongside technology.  The story of Instagram followed a similar trajectory, with an interesting saga.  In a little over half of a year, Instagram will turn ten years old.  Started by Kevin Systrom and co-founded by Mike Krieger as a program called Burbn, the program was too big and promised to do too much.  Ultimately, it was trimmed down to the application loved by millions and purchased by Facebook for $1 Billion.  Anyone who uses the Application knows that it is a phone/tablet on-the-go program.  Thus, it has not been easy to add images to Instagram using a desktop/laptop/Mac/Macbook, etc., without tricking it into thinking you were using a phone.

uplet collageThe Uplet application allows users to conveniently and easily upload multiple images/videos to Instagram, directly from their Mac.  You can maintain image quality, add captions, emojis, hashtags, and text to your images and use the full-sized keyboard to annotate.  The strength of the program is that you can drag any number of images into the app, edit them individually, caption them individually and upload them without having to send them to your phone, or to physically make them square.   I was excited to learn more about the UPLET Application and did a quick search on the iOS Application store.  Before you navigate there to search for the App, I will spare you a few moments and state that Uplet is not available for download through the App Store.  To download the App, navigate to the Uplet Website, navigate down to the bottom and download either the Mac Download or PC Download.  The website was well designed and portrayed a clean, attractive application.  Once downloaded, I navigated to Launchpad and selected Uplet.  This opened up a panel and asked me for my Instagram login and password information.  Since the Keychain was not activated, I could not auto-populate my Instagram credentials.  I navigated to Settings, Accounts and Passwords, App and Website Passwords and then to Instagram on my iPhone X and then manually added the password and login information into the Uplet app.  If desired, you can also navigate to Keychain Access within LaunchPad.  This step proved to be incredibly irritating as I continued to receive a “Couldn’t Log on” and the Instagram App continued to send me security logon codes.  After about five attempts, I realized that the Uplet App likely did not comply with the two-factor authentication.  I navigated back to settings in the Instagram App and turned off the two-factor authentication.  The App logged in easily after this was completed.

Once the login information was completed, I navigated back to the Instagram App on my iPhone X and reactivated the Two-Factor Authentication.  I returned back to the Uplet App on my Macbook Pro,  pressed cmd + Q to close the app and then navigated back to Launchpad and opened Uplet again.  The App logged me back in and took me back to the photo-upload stage.  I dragged a single image from my desktop of the Macsources.com homepage and added a quick caption.  Without using the options across the top of the screen, all you can do in the small app screen is clear and share.  There was a little oblique down/up arrow icon (bottom left) that alternated between a close-up view and a panned out view.  Inside the close-up view, I was able to use a hand icon to drag the image left/right/up/down.  The hand icon was not available if you already clicked the dual arrow icon once and returned in the panned -out mode.  Once I added the caption to “NAVIGATE TO https://MACSOURCES.COM to learn about some cool tech,” and then clicked share, an error notification appeared across the top right.  The message announced that the app could not send and that I would have to log in again.  I navigated back to Instagram on my iPhone X, navigated to profile settings and deactivated two-factor authentication again.  I then selected Share and the App uploaded the image and caption to Instagram.

For $20 this App really needs to do a lot more to make it worth my while.  In fact, it is my opinion that this app should be under $5.  With all of the modern data breaches, I was expressly disappointed that I could not get the App to work with two-factor Instagram Authentication turned-on.  Once I deactivated that feature through my iPhone X, the App worked wonderfully.  Additional complaints revolved around the image editing options.  The website stated that you could edit the individual images.  Let me explicitly state that I was not able to find any kind of photo editing software within the app.  Instead, you have the option for close-up or zoomed out picture and a little hand to slide the image left/right.  I read numerous reviews on Uplet and found no information pertaining to the two-factor authentication and the limitations that I have discussed.  I did like that you could select your name, and then quickly change between accounts, which was a convenient feature.  If Instagram is a prominent part of your life, this App could be that practical application to add any number of images/videos directly to Instagram.  Gone are the days that you had to Airdrop images to your iPhone.  My reviews of the app are questionable.  My overall feeling is that the app was definitely worth $1, maybe worth $5 but not worth $20.

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