Make better space with your Echo dot

I am a big fan of voice assistants. I have Amazon, Google, and Apple all represented in my household and it really does make life much easier. I think one of the best voice assistant devices out there is the Amazon Echo Dot. It has a very small footprint and you can easily stow it away in unseen places. As someone who owns three Echo 2 Dots, I have found that even with them being small, sometimes they get in in the way. Fortunately, Upduro makes a wall mount kit specifically for the Echo Dot and it’s pretty cool.

Upduro Echo dot 2 Wall Mount Kit REVIEW


The mounting kit is designed to protect your Echo Dot and contain it with a buckled bracket so you can avoid it falling off the mount. The design of the mount does not impede any sound from the Echo Dot and it’s compact enough that you can use it on any outlet. The Echo Dot 2 wall mount comes in black and white and it includes a short Micro USB cable to reduce cable clutter. The plastic mount is designed to hold the Echo Dot 2 and its power brick securely against a wall outlet. It’s made from an imported resin and measures 6.6 x 3.7 x 1.7 inches with a weight of 3.53 ounces. The mount is compatible with the Echo Dot 2nd Generation.

Upduro Echo dot 2 Wall Mount Kit REVIEW


The packaging for the Upduro Echo 2 Dot Wall Mount is very plain. The box is white with an image of the device. Inside, you will find the plastic mount along with the short micro USB cable. There is no instruction manual since the steps for installation are printed on the back of the box.

Upduro Echo dot 2 Wall Mount Kit REVIEW

My experience with this mount is pretty basic. Once you have placed the Echo Dot 2 inside of the mount, you just plug in the device and allow it to hang. I have noticed due to having older outlets in my home, the prongs aren’t held in as tightly as a newer outlet might. Because of this the weight of the Echo Dot, the mount is pulled down and the power brick’s prongs pull away from the socket. This is never a good thing with any electrical outlet. I wish they would have made a hole in the plastic between the power brick and the Echo to allow the screw from the wall outlet to be secured. This would have ensured the outlet to hold the weight of the dot.

Upduro Echo dot 2 Wall Mount Kit REVIEW


Do I think this is a good buy? Yes and no. For me, I need my Echo in a room of the house where the outlet is away from any counters or tables. So having this mount allows me to hold the device in place where I want it. Anything that puts a strain on an outlet is never good and because the device is lacking the hole to secure it into the wall outlet, I have a hard time saying this is a good buy for people with older homes who might have outlets that the sockets are loose because of years of use. With that said if your sockets are loose its a sign to change them either by hiring an electrician or doing it your self. If you are like me and need to use your older Echo Dot in an area where you have no place to put it than a hanging style mount like this is a great buy.

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