UP Coffee helps you understand how to sleep better by analyzing the amount of caffeine you intake.

upcoffee-1If you are anything like me, you need a good cup of coffee to get going in the morning. If you are anything like my brother, you prefer Diet Coke. Either way, it’s a burst of energy to get your day started. As much as we all depend on the morning caffeine, it does not replace sleep completely. The question becomes, “When should you stop drinking caffeine in order to get a good night’s sleep?”

Jawbone has come up with a rather ingenious way of determining that with the use of UP Coffee for iOS. UP Coffee is a free app from Jawbone Labs that helps you understand how caffeine affects your sleep. It’s intended as a companion app to use with the UP band, but can be used separately, too.

So, how does it work? First, you put in some information about yourself – sex, height, weight and sensitivity to caffeine. Then, you are met with the UP Coffee level flask. This is a visual representation of the amount of caffeine in your body in comparison to when you are wired, sleep ready or some where in between. The flask is animated and works with your iPhone’s internal technology to move the energy beads around as your phone moves. It’s a nice feature that keeps that app entertaining.

upcoffee-2Once you have completely the set-up, you are ready to start adding caffeine. You simply click the “+” from any screen and enter you caffeine intake based on beverage consumption. If you forget to enter something when you consume it, you can add it later and change the date/time from the beverage log. After you’ve tracked your caffeine consumption for three days, you will be able to see the relationship between your body and caffeine.

UP Coffee is a unique, fun tracking app designed to enrich our lives by helping us understand how we can sleep better. The user interface is truly beautiful and it’s designed with cool tones of blue and white to help maintain the ‘calm’ to help you relax. For a statistics geek like me, it’s fun to play with an app that creates an analysis of just about anything and with a design like UP Coffee, it’s great for the designer in me, too.

UP Coffee is free to download from the app store. I recommend it for any caffeine drinkers out there. You might be surprised at what you find out.