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Have you ever spent hours (or even, one singular hour) trying to de-clutter your inbox from the pile of subscription emails you unwittingly signed up for? I have. I binge unsubscribe embarrassingly often, but very little seems to help. Queue Unroll.Me, an application that makes the inbox de-cluttering process ridiculously easier.

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Login to your email account(s) using Unroll.Me, and it sniffs out all your subscriptions and compiles them into a stack. You can then go through the stack and choose to unsubscribe, keep, or roll up by swiping left, right, or up respectively. “Unsubscribing” marks emails as spam, so if, in future, you wanted get those emails again, you could go into your Unroll.Me settings and relocate that subscription to another group. The Rollup is this app’s most interesting feature. It combines all the emails that you don’t necessarily want constantly taking up space in your inbox but also like to keep around just in case your favorite site is having a flash sale or running a sweepstakes to win a vacation to France; then it delivers them to you in one email at your preferred time of day.

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I’ve been using Unroll.Me for less than twelve hours, and I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. It is available for free (so you should at least try it) and currently supports Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, iCloud, and accounts.

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