High-Speed HDMI Cable will provide High Definition video with full lifelike sound for your home movie theater.

The origin of the HDMI cable (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is as close to a Utopian story as you can get.  The technology was introduced in 2002, through the collective works of multiple companies: Philips, Sony, Thomson, Toshiba, Matsushita Electric Industrial, Silicon Image.  The goal was to create a universal, global high-definition cable.  Up to that point, DVI (the cable that connected your monitor to your computer) was the standard.  The companies knew that everyone would not go out and buy all new gear, so they made their system backward compatible with DVI. This was ingenious, and through this process, we have the HDMI cable today.  The cable provides uncompressed video and either compressed or uncompressed audio.  Little has changed in the hardware build since 2002 but the quality of the signal has been boosted. With HDMI 1.0 you could only get 4.9 Gbps (Gigabit per second) and this has advanced to HDMI 1.3 at 10.2 Gbps.  The bandwidth has increased, the maximum colors displayed have increased, and resolution has improved. The design was so good that the system integrated HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) security and has enough bandwidth to add future data connections.

UNO HDMI Cable REVIEW From HD to 4K and beyond.

I have looked through many reviews on HDMI cables.  The summary, there is not much difference in the technology, but there is a huge difference in the price.  Have you ever bought a cable from BestBuy?  I would not recommend that you purchase from a store as their markup is ridiculous.  HDMI cables will produce the same image no matter the price point and really length is not going to matter when your talking from 6 to 10 feet.  Cnet has a really good summary article regarding HDMI cables.  The real differences are High Speed vs Standard Speed (you probably will not find these anymore), and Ethernet or no Ethernet support.  If you have a device that utilizes Ethernet-over-HDMI then you may consider buying one style over another.  From the research I have completed, there is no such thing as a 4K HDMI or 3D HDMI.  They should all work.  This is a means to sell a product through labeling.

I have received the Uno HDMI to HDMI Ultra High-Speed HDMI Cable to review.  The product is presented in a clear plastic retail blister pack.  The packaging is well done and is quite attractive.  The top is clear and the bottom shows the cardboard insert.  I am a fan of this style of presentation, as it displays the product much better than diagrams or images. The product label is very clear on the front cover and you are able to directly visualize the Crome plated ABS shielding.  The back provides details of the internal structure and suggests compatible devices for the new cable:gaming systems, computers, laptops, projectors, cameras and camcorders.   The cable has a 10-year Warranty and will support 4K and 3D.  I cannot verify these at this time as I do not yet have a 4K system nor a 3D capable TV/player.

UNO HDMI Cable REVIEW From HD to 4K and beyond.

Returning to the front of the packaging, you will see the tips of the cables.  The silver/chrome provides a stark contrast to the gold-plated internal shield and also does not clash.  The red plastic coloring, however, does appear to be out of place.  The Uno logo contains two red triangles; one of the triangles is located along the bottom and at the “O.”  This may be the reason that the red is included.  Personally, my HDMI cables are hidden and the coloration does not matter that much.  This is solely observational.

The HDMI cable is a good length at 6.5 feet.  The provided black cable is braided and appears to be well built.  I gripped each of the chrome plated ends and pulled on the braided cable.  There was no slippage of the plating.  The cable did not expand, did not move and feels very secure.  The company name “UNO” is labelled directly onto the chrome and is not a sticker.  The cable ends are well shaped and slide into and out of the cable box, my Xbox one and my television nicely.  They are not loose in the enclosure and provide good contact points.  I am pleased with the cable, it seems to provide high definition quality, from my cable box to the TV and from the Xbox one to the TV.  I am pleased with the product, it does exactly what it advertises.  I would rate the cable at 5/5 stars.

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