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Tired of getting ripped off by cellular providers just because you want to have mobile internet, get the most out of your $30 a month iphone data plan by using it with your laptop! Heres how:

Make sure you are running an iphone 3g/3gs running the 3.0 firmware. Open safari from the iphone and goto this url:

“The best way to make sure you have entered this link correctly is by visiting NCCSites.com via your iPhone web browser and then coming to this page and clicking the link. NCCSites is set up for mobile web browsing so you will be able to find this very easy”


You will see a screen like this

Select install profile and afterwards reboot your iphone. After your phone has restarted, go to Settings->General->Network->Internet Tethering
Toggle the option to ->On

Now plug your iphone into your laptop and it should say a new network interface has been detected

Open preferences and select apply. Your screen should say internet Tethering at the top.

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