From a source at AT&T all workers received an email yesterday afternoon stating that 4G phones would be arriving at stores on Sunday. Also in this email it says people who have 4G compatible phones will have to update to the 4G data plans to use 4G speeds. Anyonegrandfathered into the unlimited Data plan will be forced to give it up if they want to use 4G speeds. AT&T will not make people

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grandfathered into the  unlimited data plan give it up, they just won’t be able to use 4G service. Deciding to switch plans for 4G will run you $25 for a 2 gig data plan, or $45 for a 4 gig tethering data plan.

I was also told you should be able to contact AT&T to learn more on this. This info was sent out yesterday so make sure the rep you speak with knows to check there email, not all of them do.

Look for the new HTC and Motorola 4G phone coming sunday.

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