Mount has permanent home on dashboard.

Universal Long Arm Dashboard Mount Review 4I have used a lot of different phone mounts for cars. Some mounts attached to the vent and some the dashboard. I tend to like suction cups mount style because of their maneuverability. I’ve been using iPow’s Universal Long Arm Dashboard Mount Review for a few days and I have  found my new permanent mount

Universal Long Arm Dashboard Mount Review 5Like most cars these days, mine has a pretty deep dash and having just any suction cup mount won’t do. They tend to not be long enough or maneuverable enough. Plus they tend to bounce around quite a bit and bounce your phone out. Thats where iPow’s mount comes in.

Attaching it is pretty easy. It has a standard suction cup, but with adhesive on the cup, which gives it the ability to stick to just about everything. I tried it on my dash and windshield; both options worked great. Now, the bendable shaft seemed a little long until I realized that it comes with a little stand in the middle to stop the whole unit from shaking, which is what most mounts tend to do.

With the great adhesion and stability I was figuring that the actual holder was going to be the weak link. Nope. I have a larger phone with a bulky protective case that limits what I can use. iPow made a head that was both large enough without being bulky itself.  After driving around for a it with this mount I am more and more impressed.