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One of the first accessories I ever bought for my mobile phone was a car mount. I liked the idea of being able to have my phone easily accessible in the car, but not in the way. Ever since, I’ve tried to make sure that I have a suitable mount both for my car and my office so that my phone is available, but not a distraction. Unfortunately, I haven’t found one product that can cover both needs for my phone. The needs are so specific for either task that I’ve not found a single mount that will work in both the car and my desktop until now.

The Unity System by MyMe is sort of the one mounting system that rules them all. The system consists of two products – a case and a magnetic stand. They are designed to work in tandem, but the case can be used separately. The unique feature of this combination is the ability to swivel your phone 360 degrees while it’s mounted. The case is made out of high-quality plastic and rubber and contains carefully concealed magnets that connect with the magnet in the stand.

Unity System Smart Case and Cradle REVIEW

MyMe has several different options for their Unity System and I was lucky enough to test out the Smart Case with the Smart Cradle. The case is double-layered and easy to install. I have an iPhone 7 and found that the easiest way to put the phone in the case is to slip it into the inner silicone layer first and then snap the hard shell exterior on around it. The case provides a nice layer of protection from impact and even has a raised lip on the front to safeguard the screen from falls. What makes the case so special is that it can be attached to any metal surface. Two metal mounting plates are shipped with the case so that you can place them in common places where no metal exists. For example, I like to watch Netflix on my phone when I get ready for work in the morning but I take up counter space with a phone stand. My bathroom is devoid of metal and so I can attach one of the metal plates to a cabinet or even the wall to be able to mount my phone there and free up some counter space.

Unity System Smart Case and Cradle REVIEW

I’ve been using the Unity Smart Case with the Smart Cradle 23 and it works beautifully. The cradle is designed to be placed on any flat surface. It utilizes a sticky pad suction cup and it is very strong. The nice thing about this type of mount is that if the suction cup gets dirty or starts losing suction, you can rinse it off with water. It should start sticking again once it dries.

I’ve been using this system for a few days now and I really like it. I’ve been primarily using the stand on side tables and my home office desk. I love the flexibility of being able to take it from room to room and always have a stand available for my phone. It may seem like a minor thing, but I’d much rather be able to see the screen of my phone than have it be laying flat on a table. The Unity System works beautifully and I love how easy it is to adjust the phone from a portrait view to a landscape view without having to adjust the placement of the stand.

Unity System Smart Case and Cradle REVIEW

Even though I’ve tried out a lot of different case/mount combinations, I think that the Unity System might be my favorite set. The system I am currently using retails for around $40, which I feel is completely reasonable considering some dual-layer cases cost more than that and they don’t come with a stand. It’s a really great, functional set-up and a wonderful accessory for any mobile phone user.

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