Ungrip saves you from embarrassing drops of your phone.

My most used mobile device is my iPhone 7. It’s with me wherever I go and I rarely stop using it. Because I know a lot of people work the same way I do — always connected — I thought it would be a good idea to highlight the Ungrip mobile phone grip.

This handy little accessory is made out of a simple nylon loop and plastic. It’s such a small product, but it solves a big problem. Before I had the Ungrip it was always a problem for me to hold my phone, I would always drop it on my face or on the ground while texting or calling someone. Now, I can easily slide my finger through the loop and have a secure grip on my phone at all times.

Ungrip Phone Grip REVIEW

The Ungrip comes in a hermetically sealed package with colorful branding all over it. It’s easy to attach to your phone. You simply use the included alcohol wipe to clean off the back of your phone and then stick the Ungrip to the back of your phone or case (it will not stick to rubber, soft-touch silicone, smooth TPU, fabric, and those with waterproof coating). The Ungrip attaches using a 3M adhesive so, as soon as you get it on in the right place, you can hold the UnGrip effortlessly with one hand and know that it’s going to stay in place. You can remove the Ungrip by using included floss to pull the adhesive away from the phone backing.

The UnGrip is a simple, effective solution to a common problem people have with their mobile phones. It comes in a variety of different colors and patterns and you can change the strap out as much as you want to match your mood or personal style. You should exercise caution though when removing the strap from the base of the Ungrip. The locking mechanism is hard to pull and when you pull it, it feels as though you are going to rip off your fingernails.

Ungrip Phone Grip REVIEW

As phones get bigger, they get harder to hold with one hand. The Ungrip makes it easier to hold your phone up to your ear while making an important call and easier to text a friend or FaceTime without dropping it on your face. Now that I have the Ungrip I feel so much more comfortable holding my own Phone while I’m out in public. It makes me feel better knowing that I won’t embarrass myself by dropping my phone unexpectedly.

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