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As a technology nerd, one of the first things I tend to notice when I meet new people is their mobile phone and the accessories that they have with it. Last year, when I started a new job, one of my coworkers had an accessory on the back of her phone that allowed her to hold onto it easier. The thing allowed her to keep a grip on her phone by sliding it between her fingers. She told me it was called a Pop Socket. At the time, Pop Sockets were new to the market, but they have since exploded as an accessory.

I loved the concept of the Pop Socket, but alas, I have the iPhone 7. And to be honest, the Pop Socket just looks silly on my phone. Even though the Pop Socket was not the right accessory for me, I still wanted something that would provide me with some added security should it slip from my hands. This is where Ungrip comes in. Ungrip is another type of grip like the Pop Socket, but it’s actually better suited for smaller phones like my iPhone 7.

The Ungrip is made of a fabric loop that is attached to a plastic backing. The backing adheres to your mobile phone (or case) using 3M adhesive. You can actually mix and match the colored loops with the bases. The Ungrip comes in a nice package with the Ungrip branding and a nice photograph of the Ungrip being used on a phone. You can actually see the product through a clear window on the package. The Ungrip comes with cleaning cloth and some instructions for installation.

Ungrip Patterns and Colors Collections REVIEW

User Experience

Several years back — when the original iPhone was released — I dropped my phone in a local mall. It was destroyed. At the time, I did not have the option for a phone case because they just weren’t being made. So, when the phone slipped from my hands, it hit the ground with a lot of force and was damaged beyond repair. Ever since I’ve tried to keep my phone in a protective case. Even though I’m careful, I still find my iPhone 7 to be a little unwieldy at times. That said, I was thrilled to attach the Ungrip onto the back of my phone. I currently have a wallet case on my phone. There is a texture to the pocket on the case so I wasn’t sure if the Ungrip would actually stick to it. I was surprised to find that it did stick and stick well. I’ve had the Ungrip on my phone now for about week and It’s been a great help to me. I simply slip the loop around one of my fingers — usually my ring finger — and go about my day. Even though the case reduces the slippery nature of a naked iPhone, I felt much more secure with the Ungrip on my finger, too.

Ungrip Patterns and Colors Collections REVIEW


The Ungrip is a very nice accessory for mobile phone users. It’s easy to install and holds in place well. If you are like me and concerned about dropping your phone, invest in Ungrip and lose your anxiety over damaging your phone.

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