A menu bar app that helps you to zero in on tasks and applications

UnDistracted is a Mac utility that provides a number of little tweaks that are supposed to make your desktop look cleaner and to foster a “truly zen-like working environment”. All those little things like endless icons on the desktop and multiple open windows seamlessly become habitual, but they still can be really distracting.

UnDistracted allows you to turn off everything unnecessary, namely:

  • Hide the dock
  • Hide the menu bar
  • Instantly hide Desktop icons
  • Activate the dark theme for dock and menu bar
  • Enable “Do not disturb” mode: it sets messengers into “do not disturb” mode and removes all unwanted items from the screen
  • Set “Do not disturb” in Skype/ Adium. It really works, but also puts your mood status on Skype “Do Not Disturb – I’m in FocusingMode” (which I was surprised to find).

One of my favorite options is shadowing, when the app shadows all windows except the active one. But the real UnDistracted advantage is the one-click magic: just turn on the focusing mode and the app will instantly perform all the chosen activities.

Undistracted Mac App REVIEW

And even for this tiny app you can adjust the preferences:

Undistracted Mac App REVIEW Undistracted Mac App REVIEW

When you remove all these tiny distractors, you can really feel the difference. By the way, most of the other apps of that kind offer just one or some of the options like shadowing or hiding icons, while UnDistracted can do it all.

UnDistracted Requires OS X Yosemite or El Capitan or macOS Sierra.

DOWNLOAD – UnDistracted – 5 Days Free Trial/ Single User License for $12/ Family License for $40/ Team License for $70 – Mac

For more information, visit undistractedapp.site.
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