UMove UM-100 Triple USB Car Charger provides underwhelming charging experience.

As a working man, father of 3, tech lover, I feel like I am on the go all the time.   Three nights per week my wife and I are toting our 3 children around for Tball/Baseball practice.  Then on Wednesday night, and Sunday am and PM, we have church service.  Thursday night we have small group for church.  As you can see, we are on the go.  Being on the go, I need means to charge both my phone and my wife’s phone.  My Chevy Silverado has a 12V lighter port, a separate USB accessory port on the dash and another 12V lighter port under the front seat.  My wife and I have often had to take turns charging.  This is not ideal as I usually use my phone to listen to audible audiobooks or I use it for navigation.  Long story short I need a better option than a single USB outlet.

UMove UM-100 Triple USB Car Charger Review

UMove offers an option in the triple USB charger.  The packaging is simple yet professional and displays the product in a clear plastic window and surrounding orange cardboard.  The motto labelled on the packaging is “Moving With You.”  This is a 24W 5V/4.8A High Amp system.  The back of the box has a nice gradient coloration from lighter orange to dark orange as you move towards the black base of the cardboard.   The back details the specs of the device.  It is a 3-USB universal charger for the car: for iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet, Camera and most USB Devices.  It lists the input voltage at 9-24V and output at the max 5V DC/4.8A output.  It notes protection from Over-voltage, over-current, over-heating and contains short circuit-protection.  Opening the package from the top, the clear plastic clam shell is easily removed.  All that is included is the black triple USB charger with red trim and a Warranty guide.

UMove UM-100 Triple USB Car Charger Review UMove UM-100 Triple USB Car Charger Review UMove UM-100 Triple USB Car Charger Review

Initial Impression:
The device is small, yet efficiently built.  It has a row of 3 USB-A charging ports, stacked on top of each other.  I like that the device is stacked like this, as it does not cluster the panel.  The device has standard 12V prong on the end.  Plugging the device into the lighter adaptor of the car, there is a single blue LED light.  It is bright, in my opinion too bright.  It shines brightly, worse at night and constantly catches my eye.  In case you are wondering, this did not turn off at all during the testing.  I was able to plug my IPhone 6S plus into the USB A outlet and charged my phone from 11% to 22% in just about 10 minutes.  It did not matter which port I used, they all charged about the same.  This equates to roughly 1% per minute, which is on par with most outlets.  Plugging my wife’s phone Samsung Galaxy S5 and my IPhone 6s Plus (via separate USB) into the device allowed them both to charge at about 1% per minute.  I did not really notice much decline in the power with the 2 devices plugged in.  It seemed to charge both at reasonable rates.  When I plugged my IPad Air 2 up to the outlet, it seemed that none of the 3 charged at any reasonable rate.  The iPad had gained no charge after about 5 minutes, the iPhone 6s Plus had gained 1% and the Galaxy S5 1%.  After 10 minutes the iPad was up 1% and the phones were up about 3% each.  This is horrendous charging in 2016.

UMove UM-100 Triple USB Car Charger Review

There are no instructions with this device.  Each of the ports on the device share a total of 4.8A output.  This should not be a problem when the average American car can output 12V (13.5-14.5 V with engine running) at 10A via cigarette lighter.  Most car wiring supports 8 A current continuously and have a 15A fuse for the lighter and 20A for some Auxiliary ports (check your owner manual to make sure).  However, at 4.8 A the 12V socket is not being fully utilized.  Simple math would suggest 4.8/3=1.6 Amps each (boo).  Some devices now require at least 2A to charge and anything below this will not work.  This needs to be at least a 6.8A output to make this worth my time.  Again, with my 12V outlet providing 10 A this device is underpowered.

UMove UM-100 Triple USB Car Charger Review

With there being so many options for USB 12V chargers and there being a 10A output capacity, you should never have a single USB output.  In fact, each port should not put out less than 2A if you want modern devices, iPhone, iPad, Galaxy S6 etc, to charge at any reasonable rate.  With anything less than 2A, forget using GPS or other power-hungry options on your smart device.  For me this is an unfortunate 2.5/5.  It works with 2 devices, but not 3.  There are much better options out there to better utilize my available 10A.