An efficient, affordable wireless charging pad.

I’ve been thrilled to be able to charge my phone wirelessly while I’m sitting at my desk. It’s been a refreshing change from having to locate a charging cable and power outlet like I used to do a few years ago. Now, I just drop my phone onto a charging pad and let it charge. The only issue I really have is finding the most efficient wireless charger since there are so many that ‘claim’ to be the best. Fiora has the “Ultimate Wireless Desk Charger” as one of its products and so I thought I would give it a try. 


The Ultimate Wireless Desk Charger is designed to work with any device that utilizes the Qi charging protocol. It’s Qi-certified for fast charging and claims to be the industry’s fastest charging station for iPhone, AirPods Pro, Samsung, LG, Google, and other compatible mobile devices. Fiora states that they tested their charger with some of the thickest cases (i.e. Otterbox, Belkin, Spigen, etc.) in the market to ensure they work with their charger. The slim, compact charger is designed to be portable and work anywhere you need to charge. The tempered glass keeps temperatures low while your devices charge. The charger is certified ‘safe’ as all Fiora products go through an extensive quality control process. The charger ships with a manual, USB-C charging cable, and Qualcomm 3.0/2.0 power adapter. 


The desk charger came in a nicely branded package. It has a photo of the product on the front of the box along with some basic features of the device. The back of the box shows another image of the product along with a phone being placed on top of the charger. There’s also a list of the contents of the box below that photograph. One particularly helpful piece of information included on the box is a diagram on the side panel that shows the proper placement of phones on top of the charger. 


When you open the box, the first thing you see is the charger. It’s charging cable and wall outlet are stored beneath the carton that holds the charger. The manual is a short, three-page fold-out brochure that shows the same information that’s on the outside of the box. There is also a set of warnings included like “Please do not vigorously extrude or collide.” The manual is provided in English, but it must have been translated from a different language because the wording is off somewhat. For example, “Standby: Indicator light keeps green.”

A couple of things that caught my eye right off the bat was that the charger uses USB-C to charge. I feel like it’s a much more efficient way to charge and since most devices are changing over to USB-C, I just think Micro USB is becoming more and more outdated. So, I was happy to see USB-C being used. I was also really happy to see a power adapter included. There are so many wireless chargers that claim to be a high-efficiency charger and they suggest that they work best with a certain wattage of power adapter, but the manufacturer doesn’t include a power adapter with the charger. Fiora did. 

In order to test the charging capabilities of the desk charger, I dropped my iPhone 11 Pro phone (in a case) onto the top of the charger. Within about 1 second, the charging screen appeared on my phone and it started charging. This was a feat in itself since I’ve attempted charging this phone in its case on other wireless chargers recently and it would not charge. Next, I recorded a charging rate, which I calculate by timing how long it takes to charge the phone and then dividing the percentage gained by the total amount of time.  After 65 minutes, the iPhone gained 27% battery for a charging rate of 0.42% per minute. This is an impressive charging rate and it’s in line with some other fast charging wireless chargers I’ve tested. 


The Fiora Ultimate Wireless Desk Charger is designed to provide a fast charge in a convenient package. It’s wonderful that it ships with a power adapter and that it uses USB-C as its main charging cable. I love how compact it is and that there was no discernible heat after charging the phone for a prolonged period of time. The fact that the charger can provide power through a case is what really sets it apart for me. 
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