A super small solution to a common connectivity problem.

Ever since I started working with USB-C as a primary method of connectivity, I have had trouble finding just the right adapters. When I first got my 2016 MacBook Pro with only USB-C ports on it, I’ve had to make use of USB hubs and docks so that I’m compatible with all of my various accessories and devices. I’ve hesitated on acquiring small adapters because they are easy to lose. Fortunately, UGREEN, a cost-effective accessory designer has produced a USB Type C to Micro USB Adapter that features a lanyard loop so that it’s not so easy to lose.


This adapter comes packaged as a two-pack and retails for less than $10. The adapter easily converts a Micro USB cable into a USB-C compatible device so that you can easily charge or sync your Micro USB devices with your USB-C computers. The adapter has a built-in 56KΩ pull up resistor and provides quick charging up to 2.4A. The adapter also supports data transfer up to 480 Mb/s. The adapter has an aluminum alloy shell for durability and a keychain is included so that you don’t have to stress about losing it. This is a Micro USB female to a USB-C male adapter. Because this adapter only has a max current of 2.4A, it may not charge the following devices at full speed: Nintendo Switch, Nexus 5X 6P, Moto Z, Mate 9 or OnePlus 3 3T.

UGREEN USB Type C to Micro USB Adapter REVIEW

User Experience

As I mentioned above, the adapter comes as a two-pack. The two accessories are packaged separately but grouped together using a plastic bag. The individual adapters are enclosed in a simple plastic blister pack. To open it, you simply pull the back away from the front and the interior cardboard packaging comes loose. The device is labeled well and you can view the adapter through the clear plastic package. The back of the package provides brief details and company information. The adapter’s casing is Space Gray in color with ‘UGREEN’ stamped on the outside. The Space Gray isn’t an exact match for my MacBook Pro, but it’s very close. UGREEN includes a lanyard with this product and it is stored in the cardboard insert. This could easily be missed and so make sure you look for it before you throw out the packaging.

The adapter is very easy to use. You simply slide a Micro USB cable into the female end of the adapter and then plug it into your device. The USB-C end of the adapter slid right into my laptop but was a little tight when I tried to fit a Micro USB cable into the other end. It did work, but I noticed there was a slight gap. This didn’t seem to affect the function of the cable or the adapter. The adapter’s temperature rose slightly when it was charging a mobile phone but it wasn’t enough to cause concern.

UGREEN USB Type C to Micro USB Adapter REVIEW


This is a great little accessory for any USB-C laptop owner to have. It allows you to make use of your older Micro USB cables and because of the included lanyard, UGREEN ensures that you are less likely to lose this tiny adapter.

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