Enjoy a high-quality, inexpensive, wireless charging experience on your iOS or Android Smartphones with the UGREEN 10W Fast Wireless charger.

With modern technology advancing at such a fast pace, it is depressing when we think about how little batteries are keeping up.  It is now routine to charge my Apple Watch Series 3 (better than series 1) and my iPhone X nightly.  Until Apple releases the AirPower mat, whenever this may be, I plan to continue to charge my devices with my multi-USB Masvoker Stand Charging station.  Wireless charging is a rather convenient feature but was only natively available to Android users up until the release of the iPhone 8/8Plus and the iPhone X.  Though we cannot yet use QC 3.0 technology, I feel that the option to wirelessly charge is a huge deal.  It is important to note that wireless charging is not the fastest option for the iPhone X; If you are looking for the fastest possible charge, stick to the 87W Power adaptor from Apple and a USB-C to lightning cable, which can charge your phone to nearly full in ~60 minutes.  Since I charge my phone nightly, a speedy charge is not essential.  Thus, it is rather enjoyable to set my phone down and to hear the charging jingle, without having to fumble with cables.

UGREEN Wireless Charger
The UGREEN wireless charger arrived in a 5 1/8 inches wide by 5 1/8 inches tall by 3/8 inches thick pristine white retail package.  In a very Apple-esque style, UGREEN placed a stunning image of their charger atop the white background.  The use of concentric circles, around the charger, provided a realistic image of the wireless signal.  I appreciated that the company chose to leave the upper panel and side panels bare, as many companies put too much on their packaging.  The QR code listed on the bottom panel was an incredibly smart addition.  Instead of busying up one or more of the panels, you can simply navigate to the UGREEN website to learn about the products.  The back panel provided the CD176 model and detailed the 5V/2A and the 9V 1.67A inputs, and the 10W total max output along the top half.  Along the bottom, we were given the contact information (website, support@ugren.com.cn, address) and the UPC barcode sticker.  The Fast Wireless charger was designed for iPhone X, iPhone 8/8plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8/8Plus, S7/S7 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, Note 5, Google Nexus 6/5/4.

To access the charger, simply remove the lid and set it aside.  Resting in a thin plastic tray, you will find the hefty 187G (6.63oz) 3 7/8 inches diameter by 5/16 inches thick charging puck contained within a thin semi-translucent plastic bag.  If you remove the charging puck, you will find the generous 40 1/2 inches long USB-A to USB-micro cable nestled inside of the lower nook.  Hidden within the lid was the 32-panel multilingual instruction manual (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese).  Each language was allowed five panels to describe the product details, how it works, notes, LED indicator status, Q&A, safety notes and packaging contents.  The English was choppy and felt like a translation, yet it was understandable.  Personally, the average tech user would find that the instruction manual provided very limited information.   The attractive bi-tone charging puck had a space grey outer rim surrounding the 3 9/16 inches diameter rubberized, anti-scratch, charging plate.  The bottom of the charger had a 3 1/6 inches diameter anti-slip 1/4 inches wide ring.  The ring was slightly raised and did a great job at stabilizing the puck from moving.  Inside of the anti-slip ring, UGREEN provided information about the “Wireless Charger,” to include Made in China, Model CD176, PIN, micro-USB input: 5.0v/2A, 9.0V/1.67A, and the total 10W power output.  I loved the color combination of the charger, the weight of the charger and the subtle etched UGREEN logo at the center of the rubberized charging pad.

The USB micro cable will slide easily into the micro USB power port on the side of the charger.   I was a little disappointed that they did not choose to use USB-C but the height of the product may have limited the choice (only slightly taller than the USB-micro port).  The charging puck does not come with a Quick Charge QC charging brick, but they can easily be found on Amazon (iClever Boost cube, and 38W QC 3.0 3-port USB for example).  Apple devices cannot use QC but the fast charge mode is available for select Android devices (Galaxy Note 5, 7, 8, S6 Edge/Edge Plus, S7 Edge/Edge Plus, S8 Edge/Edge Plus).  As noted above, to access these features, you will need a quick charge wall cube.  With an Apple household, I was resigned to test in Standard Charge mode.  Once connected to a wall charger, I placed my iPhone atop the case.  I used a DROK USB type C LCD Multimeter to test the current/Voltage.  If you are curious if your smartphone will work with the UGREEN charger, the website and instruction manual provided a broad list of supported standard charging mode devices and recommended that your case be <3mm in size.  When you plug the charger up to power, the blue LED will flash when connected to power.  When you place an appropriate device upon the charger, the blue LED will cease flashing and will remain solidly blue.  If the device is not recognized, the led will continue to flash blue.

As noted, I utilized the DROK USB C LCD multimeter to test the device output.  Using a QC 3.0 Port, at 12:52 am my iPhone X was at 25% power and the DROK USB C read 9.03V and 0.66Amps.  When I plugged the multimeter into a standard USB-A port, the multimeter read 4.99V .9 Amps.  Plugged into the QC 3.0 port, at 1:08 am my iPhone X had 35% power, at 1:21 it had 42% power, at 1:47 am had 56% power and was at 60% at 1:52 am.  In an hour, my iPhone X charged a total of 35%.  Throughout the testing, the multimeter continued to read 9.03V and anywhere from .33 to 0.8 Amps. I found that wireless charging gave me about 1% power for roughly every 3 minutes of charge time.  The iPhone X continued to charge at this rate and was fully charged by 5:30 am when I awoke.  Even though plug charging is faster, I was still able to enjoy 5W-7.5W charging.  For a second test, I used a standard 5V/2A outlet with the charger.  The DROK USB provided 5V and fluctuated from 1.5-1.9A.  At 5:21 PM my iPhone X was at 78% and at 5:38 it was at 84%.  Again, I found an increase of roughly 1% for every 3 minutes of time.  This was on par with other wireless chargers for my iPhone.  For an iPhone user, the sub $20 price is a great entry point into wireless charging.  If you are looking for optimal wireless charging, you have a few options.  First, wait for the AirPower to release (~$199) or you can look at chargers in the $50 range.

UGREEN Wireless Charger Test
With over-current protection, over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, short circuit protection, anti-sleep feet and a reasonable length USB-A to USB-micro cable for under $20, the consumer definitely gets their money’s worth.  The packaging may at first seem bland, but it was elegant in its simplicity.  This kit is perfect for the entry level charger tech but has premium features that make it feel top-end.  The leather anti-slip anti-scratch cover had a nice tactile feel and protected the phone.  The weight, the low profile, and the anti-slip foot were some of the best features of the device.  The device has some I-wish-it-were-there features but each adds to the final price of the product.  I think UGREEN has a winner with their 10W wireless charger.  For Android users, this device seems even cooler.

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