Smart Charging Stations eliminates the struggle to find a place to charge your device.

As technology expands, the number of devices we need to charge increases as well.  There are a variety of charging options, weird AC adapters, inconvenient angles and tons of USB cords.  Whether you are in a college dorm, an apartment or a modern tech-friendly home, we are locked in an ever more complex game of Charging Jenga.  As a tech lover, I am constantly looking for SAFE options for charging multiple devices.  The danger, however, is overloading our outlets.  In America, our outlets are typically capable of 15-20A (depending on the breaker) of output through a standard 110-120V outlet.  I have often seen surge protectors overloaded, two surge protectors from a single wall outlet and sometimes nonsurge protected power strips daisy chained.  As stated above, I am interested in SAFE options for multiple charging options.

UFOREST Smart Charging Station REVIEW

The Uforest Smart Charging Station ships in a completely plain white cardboard box, which was devoid of markings, sans a sticker on one of the panels.  This packaging is disappointing and I wish that there was more information/instruction on the packaging.  Opening the top, you will notice a rather large white multi-charging device.  The octagonal  base of the device measures at 5 1/2″ X 5 1/2.”  There is a single wall mounting hole, without any included mounting hardware.  There is a specification sticker on the bottom of the device: 15A AC input, 1.8-meter cable, 3000W Max Surge protection, input 95-240V 50/60Hz.  The core charging structure measures at 3 3/4″ leaving 7/8″ difference inset. The octagon is essentially a square missing the corners, creating the characteristic shape.  The top is coned and gives the entire structure an obelisk-esque appearance (normally obelisks have 4 sides).  Each of the wide sections of the charger has 2 B Type plug outlets, for a total of 8 outlets.  There are 2 on/off toggles on the side with the power cord.  Opposite the power cord is #6 USB 2.4A Max USB ports with an on/off toggle along the base.

The product has an included two-panel instruction manual, which provides some of the features of the charger.  It is built of a fire resistant ABS material.  The product features large spacing between outlets, which should accommodate even the largest of AC adaptor plugs.  I appreciate the layout of this system as it is not simply a series of plugs in a row.  This allows you to charge multiple devices at once.  The devices promise safety voltage and dangerous voltage isolation, built-in overload protector.  There is a Blue LED that illuminates, alerting you to the protected status.  There is an included, yet poorly worded, warranty card.  This card is required to redeem the one year Warranty.  Although it is difficult to interpret, it appears that misuse, accidental causes, any human cause, and unapproved maintenance are not covered.

UFOREST Smart Charging Station REVIEW

I really like this device, the style, and the build.  I tested the USB ports using a Drok USB Tester and found that each port provided 5V and did generate at least 2A per port.  Charging my iPhone 6S plus, the tester showed 1.83A 5.12V.  Charging my iPad Air 2, at the same time, the output was 5.02V 2.05A.  Turning the toggle off, this ceases charging from all the USB ports.  The 4 Type B Wall outlets on top and those on the bottom, each have their own power toggle as well. This allows you to control which devices are charging at any given time.  I really like that the device stands taller than it is wide at 6 1/2″.  The Uforest device is most convenient when space is minimal.  It seems to work well in a dorm, on a computer desk etc.  I did not sense any issues with the device.  If it was just a tall USB outlet strip with surge protection, it would be worth 5/5 stars.  This device provides much more than that.  With the on/off toggles allowing for power conservation, this is a definite 5+/5.  I do not know why the device has JKITTY on the side.  I also am disappointed in the packaging.  However, the device stands on its own merits.  I love the angles of the base, as this allow you to have more options for placing it into a corner.    The Uforest device far exceeded my expectations.  It is an odd shape, definitely unique for a power charging device. For now, this device will live on my bedside table.  I am using this to charge my iPhone, Bluetooth headphones, alarm clock etc.  Consider this device for your charging needs.