Protect your iPhone back and bezel with the Plasma, a quality lightweight case.

Every September, Apple fans are abuzz with the latest and greatest device releases.  This season, Apple has brought a truly amazing device in the iPhone 7/7 Plus.  Even if you are not an iDevice user, you will notice that there are a variety of case accessory options.  Personally, I have always opted for the fully enclosed case with included screen protector.  Some choose a bumper style/silicone surround, with or without a screen protector, and some choose a glorious naked iPhone. Either way, there seems to be as many options for cases as there are opinions about the qualities of a good case.

I have received a case from UAG, Urban Armor Gear.  The product arrives in a very eye pleasing retail packaging, with a clear front window.  I am a fan of the open packaging, allowing the product to shine, instead of using a suboptimal image to represent the product. The Plasma case is detailed as a three-layer protective case with military spec drop rating.  The cover of the packaging details the Military standard drop rating of 810G.  The packaging suggests a sportier use for this case, detailing a male skier along the bottom right of the cover.  Both of the sides of the packaging detail the drop testing standard and the light weight nature of the case.  Flipping the packaging over, the back design continues the theme throughout the packaging.  Here, the company details additional features of the case: impact resistant, feather-light, easy access, anti-scratch, screen surround, glare-free flash.  The case is made of 3 layers: armor shell, shock cushion, impact resistant rubber.  This case is designed for both the iPhone 7 Plus and 6s Plus.

UAG Plasma Series iPhone 7 Plus Case REVIEW

If you have do not yet have an iPhone 7 Plus, you may not know of the differences between the phones.  The listed iPhones are identical in size/dimension, but the iPhone 7 Plus is roughly 3-4 grams lighter at 188g.  You will notice the iPhone 7 Plus has no 3.5mm jack, instead opting for stereo speakers.  The camera is quite a bit different, as well.  The iPhone 7 Plus has dual 12MP cameras with a wide angle and a telephoto lens and a Quad-LED flash.  There is an obvious difference in the camera and this case will accommodate the new features as well as the old features.  The bottom of the case has cutouts for the speakers and leaves a larger opening for the 6s Plus 3.5mm jack along the bottom of the case.  The back of the case is completely clear, allowing the features of the iPhone to shine.  Having obtained the iPhone 7 Plus in JET black, a clear case is amazing.

The case is truly lightweight, weighing 1.5 ounces. It measures 3 3/16″ wide by 6 5/16″ tall by 1/2″ thick.  There is a cutout in the back for the camera, one along the top left for the sound toggle, rubberized buttons for the volume buttons along the top left and a rubberized button for the power button along the top right of the phone.  There are a total of five 1/4 inch diameter rubberized shock absorbers, which lift the phone and protect it from contacting the plastic.  This also decreases the movement within the case and decreases risks of scratching the case.  The case appears very well built and provides a large deal of protection for the sides and back of the phone.  There is no screen protection, there is no included method to carry the phone and there is no kickstand.  For me, this is less than ideal as I like to have a screen protector and I tend to utilize a belt clip with my cases.   The case is a real winner, adding very little weight to the phone and allowing full access to all of the features of the phone.  The clear back displays the iPhone 7 amazingly well.  This case would work well with a Zagg shield or similar.  You can pocket carry the device or place it into a purse or satchel.  However, I would caution this without any form of screen protection.

UAG Plasma Series iPhone 7 Plus Case REVIEW

The iPhone 7 Plus is IPX 67 resistant meaning, it is fully dust protected and water resistant to approximately 3 feet of water for 30 minutes.  Thus, the need for a fully enclosed waterproof case is becoming less appealing.  With the inherent protection of the iPhone 7 Plus, you will not likely need a waterproof case unless your goal is prolonged underwater use.  A case like the UAG works amazingly well and would be nearly ideal if I had a slider case or belt clip.  I would rate the case at 4.5/5 stars based on the build quality, lightweight status, and the overall feel.  I really need some kind of holster for the method that I carry my iPhones.

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