UAG provides the same military standard protection for your MacBook Pro that it does for your iPhone and in the same style.

It is relatively easy to keep your gear in pristine, mint condition when it remains safely at home.  While traveling to CES 2017, in Las Vegas Nevada, I was reminded about the TSA woes.  You must take your laptop out of your bag, take off your shoes, your belt, remove everything from your pockets and follow other rules.  The laptop goes through the scanner, resting in a plastic tote with other items, and comes out the other end.  This is the process that is concerning, as there is no protection for the laptop.  It is safer in the bag, but it cannot remain inside.  I wanted a case for my shiny new-to-me MacBook Pro 15″ laptop and I turned to UAG (Urban Armor Gear)

Having tested and reviewed multiple cases for my iPhone 7 plus, I was excited to visit the UAG booth at CES 2017.  I toured the area, watched the team install new cases onto some phones and perused the wares of the company.  The display was very professional, eye-catching and piqued the interest of many who passed by the booth.  I was aware that UAG provided a line of cases for the MacBook, specifically the MacBook 12″, the MacBook Air 13″ and the MacBook Pro 13,” but I was unaware of the MacBook Pro 15″ case. This is specifically for the 3rd generation MacBook and will not fit the 2016 version, with the TouchBar.  I talked with the team about the case and about TSA and they recommended their case as “THE” case to keep the MacBook safe.

UAG Plasma Series 15-inch MacBook Pro Case REVIEW

The UAG MacBook Pro case is part of the Plasma Series of cases, with three layer protection.  The front of the packaging displays a snow covered background, a male skier along the bottom right and the “drop tested” Military standard rating that I have come to enjoy from UAG.  This case is designed to Mil-STD 810G-516.6 specifications, which is designed to survive a 48-inch drop, on every surface, 26 times with absolutely 0 damage to the components of the device.   It would be easier to design a case that could support a drop from just a single edge.  This badge means that the device is tested and will survive a fall from 4 feet on any surface.  These specifications are simply amazing. Yet, I am still afraid to drop my device.

Turning the packaging over, you can see the amazing features of the case.  The case is built on the standard UAG three layer design: Armor shell, shock cushion, and impact resistant rubber. There are 5 major features of the case, each detailed on the packaging. First, you will notice the corners of the monitor/screen are black rubberize impact resistant material.  This material is built up and will lock onto the lower corners of the computer/UAG case, providing a double locking system.  The computer will not pop open easily.  The second feature is the impact resistant edging on all 4 corners.  The third feature is the feather lite design, which is designed to add strength and protection without undue weight.  In fact, the case plus the MacBook weighs an amazing 5 lb 8.4 ounces.  The fourth feature is a frogskin grip, designed to reduce the chances of dropping the case.  Lastly, UAG includes cooling vents along the base of the MacBook case.

I was sold on the product before I even opened the packaging.  UAG has some amazing gear, gear that is designed to protect your device.  The case, when removed from the packaging, is a single-piece clamshell design.  The black edging provides a stark contrast to the clear case.  I really like the placement of the raised sections of plastic, as it really works well to showcase the illuminated Apple logo on the MacBook. Personally, it reminds me of a picture frame.

UAG Plasma Series 15-inch MacBook Pro Case REVIEW

The Installation is not as easy as it seems.  Start by opening the MacBook to 90 degrees and then slide the front into the bottom part of the case until you hear a click.  You may need to press firmly to get the two plastic clips on the sides to mount appropriately.  When complete, there is a large 2″ plastic clip that grips the front of the computer.  Near each corner is a 5/8″  plastic clip and on each side is a 1″ plastic clip.  In total there are 5 clips that hold the base of the computer into the UAG case.  Once installed, fold the screen protection up and press the edges/corners securely into the top of the case.

I was very pleased with the case and the protection it provided.  The headphone jack, USB 3, dual Thunderbolt 2 and MagSafe2 ports were not occluded at all.  Similarly, the SDXC Card slot, HDMI and USB3 ports on the opposing side are completely unencumbered.   Even with the case closed, I can safely leave my wireless mouse dongle in the 3.0 USB port.  The case opens/closes very easily. and does not impede any of the functions of the case.  The only negative that I found was in the small clips on the front of the case.  I did notice that these clips rubbed my wrist and caused a little bit of discomfort.  I had to narrow the gap between my wrists to not experience this discomfort.  Ultimately it was a simple change, to tuck my elbows in and lift my wrists.  Honestly, the discomfort was likely secondary to my own laziness.

UAG Plasma Series 15-inch MacBook Pro Case REVIEW

I was able to travel back home with the UAG case on my MacBook Pro.  I also had my iPad Air 2, portable keyboard and a variety of other gear inside my backpack.  I felt much more confident in the protection of the computer, the latch closure system proved to be incredibly strong and the frogskin grip helped to decrease the chances of dropping the computer.  The base of the case is lifted up slightly and the vents help to keep the MacBook cooler than when it rested directly on the table/surface.  Measuring at 14 1/2″ x 10 1/4″ x 7/8″ thick, the case provides much more support than the size suggests it would.  If you are looking for a case that is rugged, yet attractive, give the UAG case a look.   I rate the case at 5/5 stars.

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