An environmentally conscious iPhone case provides responsible protection with a simple, clean design. 

I’ve never been one to put my phone in a case. I will on certain occasions when I think my phone might be in greater danger than a standard day, but for the most part, I carry my phone around naked. Even though I dislike covering up my phone with a case, I do understand the merits of a good case. Whenever new iPhones are released, I always take note of the new cases that hit the shelves and this one – the Outback Series – from UAG caught my eye. 


The Outback Series iPhone Case is 100% biodegradable. It’s the first biodegradable and compostable series of cases from UAG. It’s designed to be smooth with an ergonomic design so that it provides a great in-hand feel. Besides being environmentally-friendly, the Outback Series case also features a raised camera bezel for camera lens protection as well as a raised bezel around the screen. The case is ultra-thin and has a soft-touch feel to it. The inside has a hollow honeycomb structure built-in and the case meets military drop-test standards (MIL-STD 810G 516.6). The case is compatible with Apple’s new MagSafe and Qi-Wireless Charging. The case measures 6.1 in x 3.1 in x 0.48 in and weighs 1.1 oz. The case is available in five different colors – orange, lilac, mallard, olive, and black. 


The Outback Bio Series case comes in a somewhat plain retail box. It’s a simple brown cardboard box with some graphics included. The packaging is 100% recyclable and is made with soy-based inks. There is a window cut out so that consumers can see and feel the case inside. There is also a cutout on the back for the same reason. When you take the case out of its box you will notice a sticker on the inside of the case that reads: “For best use, keep away from dark dyes to maintain the color of your case. We recommend occasionally wiping your case with soap and water.” 

The case is pretty flexible. It’s a standard bumper-style design and the inside of the case has a honeycomb structure. This typically helps with shock-absorption should the iPhone be dropped. The case fits the iPhone really well and even though it’s flexible, the case doesn’t slip off the iPhone easily and it stays securely in place. The cutouts are all in the correct places and the raised lips around the screen and camera are helpful for keeping both phone features free from impact damage. 

My iPhone was easy to install inside the case. I simply press the case around the volume buttons and mute switch and then the case just wrapped around the rest of the phone. The buttons are a little hard to press through the case. I like that in the respect that it means I don’t have to worry about accidentally button presses, but I don’t like that I can’t feel a tactile bump when the case makes contact with the phone. Even though the case has a smooth texture, it doesn’t slide around. I will frequently place my phone on my leg when I’m sitting in a chair watching TV and it will always slide off my leg. This case prevents that from happening. 

I really like the style of the case. It’s very simple and clean, which I like. It covers the phone really well, but still shows off the shape of the phone. I also really like that the case itself is biodegradable. As a reviewer, I can’t tell you how many cases I’ve gone through as phones change and it’s nice to know that there is finally an option that is eco-friendly. 


The Outback Series case for the iPhone 12 Pro is simple in design but big in features. I’m very happy to have had the chance to try this case out and I look forward to using it with my new phone. With that said everyone is different and with the color options and design choices from UAG, the biggest issues will be choosing what’s right for you.

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