Protect your investment with a case from UAG. 

We all want to protect our investments – no matter what kind they are. If you are someone who likes working in the stock market, you want to make sure your financial investments are being looked after. If you just bought a car, you want it to be properly insured so that your investment in that vehicle is covered. Well, I think of protective cases on phones in the same respect. I consider storing a phone in a case as a form of insurance that daily use of that product isn’t going to be a problem. There are lots of different styles and manufacturers of cases, but one of the ones I always turn to is UAG. They make some extraordinary case designs that not only protect smartphones but also look good doing it. Over the past few years, I’ve always had at least one UAG case in my case rotation for my iPhone and this year is no exception. Right now, the Metropolis LT is protecting my iPhone 12 Pro as my daily-driver case. Today, I’m going to look at the Civilian Series and Monarch Series cases for the iPhone 12 mini.  


The Civilian Series case is designed to absorb and dampen impacts when they happen to that the phone is protected from that type of damage. The case acts as a cushion. It has a thin profile and features two shock-absorbing materials. The case is friction-free and because it is lint-resistant, it will slide in and out of pockets quite easily. There are a few color choices – Black, Slate, and Olive Drab. Because of its low profile, the case is compatible with both Apple Pay and wireless charging and it meets military drop-test standards (MIL-STD 810G 516.6). 

The case is surprisingly lightweight and it fits the iPhone 12 Mini really well. The style is sleek and clean. The Olive Drab color is the one I had to test out. It’s an army green color on the exterior with orange as the interior highlight color. The buttons are very responsive and there is a firm tactile bump when you press the buttons through the case. That’s definitely refreshing to me because some cases don’t allow you to feel the buttons on the phone and you are never quite sure when contact has been made. That’s not the case with the Civilian case. 

The case is easy to install and remove. You can simply slide the phone into the side of the case where the volume button is located and then push the sides around the rest of the phone until it all snaps into place. If you need to remove the phone, you just press gently on the camera opening to pull that corner of the case off of the phone. Because the case has a built-in lip around the screen and the camera, I feel that the major parts of the phone that are left uncovered are still well-protected by the case’s design. 


The Monarch Series Case is built with top-quality premium materials and is considered an ‘all-terrain’ phone case. It’s a heavier-duty case than the Civilian because it’s designed to withstand 2X MIL-STD (810g 516.6) drop protection. It has a 5-layer construction and has a soft impact-resistant core. All of the layers of protection are designed to disperse and deflect energy that is produced by an impact. The buttons are easy to press and there is a soft tactile bump that you can feel from the buttons on the phone. The case is available in four colors – crimson, black, carbon fiber, and mallard. 

I’ve been a fan of the Monarch cases for a long time. There are a little heavier than I typically like to carry, but if you need something with more impact protection, this case is going to provide that for you. I have the crimson version for the iPhone 12 Mini and it’s a stunning red color offset with black leather and military-style construction accessories. The case is easy to install and remove and it feels really good in the hands. I’ve been used to a larger phone for a few years now and the iPhone 12 Mini with no case feels a little too small to me. When I put a case like the Monarch on the phone, it feels a lot more natural to me. 


Both cases – Monarch and Civilian – are great choices to insure the investment you have in your iPhone 12 Mini. It really depends on what level of protection you need for your daily use. For me, I like the Civilian since I typically just use my phone in office settings, but I could see someone who has a much more active lifestyle wanting the Monarch case. 

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