Metropolis iPhone case lives up to the Urban Armor Gear standards.

When it comes to my iPhone, I choose over protection, rather than to under protect.  There are as many case designs as there are opinions about what the case should look like.  Truthfully, one can purchase grandeur or slop.  The cases from Urban Armor Gear have proven, time and again, to be both stylish and protective.  Whether we are referring to the UAG MacBook Pro case, that is currently protecting my computer, or the UAG case currently on my phone, I trust the quality of their gear.  The Magma Metropolis Case design is yet another checkmark in the quality case category.

The case comes shipped in thin plastic packaging, with clear front and back.  Along the bottom right is an image of a skateboarder in between the two halves of the case.  I do not understand the connection between the title and the image that they chose.  Most of the other cases I have reviewed, for UAG, have images that seem to match the theme of the case.  Since a Metropolis is defined as “the capital or chief city, country or region” it does not seem to match a young male skateboarder.


On the cover of the packaging, you will notice that the case meets the standard Mil-Std 810G-516.6, which specifically refers to shock rating.  Apparently, the Mil-Std 810G rating  (introduced in 2008), encompasses over 800 pages of documentation.  The typical test for smartphones is the shock testing.  During this test, the device is dropped 26 times, onto each face, onto 2-inch thick plywood.  The device is then inspected for damage.  When UAG promises Mil-Std, the case will have a rather protective drop status.  In addition to the drop standard, the case is detailed to be 360-degree protective, providing rubberized backing to protect the sides, screen, and back.  On the back of the packaging, you will find further details about the specifications of the case: impact resistance, feather-light (2.6 ounces), easy access, FrogSkin Grip, Card Storage, Glare-Free Flash.

The case is a single piece that opens like a book. The Magma red coloration is rather eye-catching and provides a stark contrast to the black rubberized accents.  The rubberized FrogSkin texture helps to keep a grip on the phone.  This is true even on a light drizzly day.  The Urban Armor Gear Logo is stamped in raised silver letters along the middle of the back of the case.  Along the front of the case, you will find a flush silver version of the logo.

UAG Magma Metropolis

The case closes with a very secure magnetic closure strap.  Slide open the magnetic closure by pressing your thumb toward the left.  You will easily open up the front of the case.  The inside lining of the front cover is a really soft black felt material. This material is designed to rest directly against the edge of the silicone case and to protect your touchscreen glass.  The case is designed to be a functional extension of your wallet.  You will thus notice a very small compartment along the inner edge of the flip cover.  This section is designed to hold 1 card, of the users choosing.  I believe that if you needed 1 card with you, it would be your license.

Testing the compartment, my driver’s license fit well into the case flap.  Additionally, any card sized object will fit into the slot.  I did a test to see if more than 1 card would fit, but it would only accommodate a single card.  The backing is a silicone based material, that provides an elevated bezel protection and protection to the top, sides, and back of the iPhone 6s/7 Plus.  The camera cutout is satisfactory for the iPhone 7 and will leave extra unused space on the iPhone 6s Plus.  The bottom has an asymmetric cutout, which will allow access to the iPhone 6s Plus 3.5mm port.  I wish that this was designed with symmetry in mind.  In addition to the camera and 3.5mm port, there are cutouts designed specifically for the on/off sound toggle and buttons for the volume up/down button and the power button.

I have carried my iPhone 7 Plus around inside of the Magma UAG case for the last 1 week.  I really liked the cover/flap that was present within the case.  The coloration is exquisite and build quality proved to meet the typical UAG standard.  However,  I still do not understand the name choice, as it does not provide any connection to the actual nature of the case.  To accommodate both the iPhone 7 Plus and the 6s Plus, there are some features that need to be present.  Remember, the iPhone 7 no longer has a 3.5mm jack.  Thus to work with the iPhone 6 Plus, UAG had to create a blend of features.  I do not feel that the circular cutout for the 3.5mm port is ugly or bad, but I wish that the design would have been mirrored on the other side.  The case works, it fits nicely and it was incredibly protective.  It does everything that I would come to expect of a UAG case.  The fact that the cover also accommodates a credit card or a drivers license is a huge perk.  Now you can take this with you to the gym, to the beach etc.  Combined with the Apple Keychain, you no longer need a wallet. I would rate this case at a solid 4/5 stars and would encourage you to look to UAG for your case needs.

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