The ideal case for iPad Pro users.

I was recently gifted a 12.9-inch iPad Pro when someone close to me decided to upgrade to the newest 10.5-inch model. It was a welcome gift because I love the size of the larger iPad. While I know some people find it too large, it’s perfect for me to transport back and forth to work without having to take my full laptop. My iPad Pro came with the Apple Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil, which are two HUGE reasons why I wanted the iPad Pro in the first place. I instantly fell in love with the keyboard and it’s butterfly switches so I ended up starting to use it more than my laptop for typing. As any iPad fan will know, the Smart Keyboard does a nice job of protecting the screen of the iPad, but it does nothing for the backing.

Some purists will test fate and just take the iPad around without any protection on the back, but I would prefer to make sure my device is around for a good long while. Plus, my iPad Pro already has a small dent on the back and I don’t want to chance it getting any worse. So, I decided to search for cases that would allow me to continue using the Smart Keyboard AND one that would accommodate the Apple Pencil. I found both features with the new Metropolis case from Urban Armor Gear (UAG).

UAG Metropolis iPad Pro Case REVIEW

I’ve tried out the Metropolis case for the iPhone so I was excited to see how it would do with the iPad Pro. The case is impact resistant and has a soft core with a tactile grip. These are features that I was happy to have because I always feel that I could easily drop my iPad due to a lack of tactile sensation. Like all the UAG cases, the Metropolis iPad Pro case meets military drop-test standards (MIL-STD 810G-516.6). Just like the iPhone case, the iPad Pro Metropolis comes with an adjustable and detachable cover. It’s detachable so that if you choose, you can connect your Smart Keyboard and use it as a screen cover and stand instead of the Metropolis stand. The Metropolis case also has a very nice slot for the Apple Pencil so that you can always keep it with you. Even though it’s a full case, the speakers and camera are not blocked and you have full access to the ports and buttons.

UAG Metropolis iPad Pro Case REVIEW

Installation of the case is pretty easy. The Metropolis case is designed to be a tight fit, but getting it on the iPad Pro isn’t overly difficult. The Metropolis stand snaps off of the backing of the case if you want to use it without a screen protector or use your Smart Keyboard. The Apple Pencil snaps into its holder quite nicely, too. It is a little hard to get in and out, but I would prefer it be a tight fit so that I know it’s secure when I move from place to place. The case doesn’t seem to impede any actions I want to do with the iPad and I love the look of it on my tablet. The only downside to the case is that it adds a bit of bulk and weight to my iPad. Given the option (no case on the back at all), I would rather have the case. I’ve not had any issues using my Smart Keyboard with this case in place and I love knowing that my iPad is safe.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the Metropolis case for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro to any iPad owner. It’s a really nice option for keeping your tablet protected.

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