The UAG Metropolis case is more than a simple iPad case.  Enjoy a smart cover, Apple Pencil holder, and Smart Keyboard compatibility.

If you ask my wife, I may actually treat my Apple devices better than my pets and possibly my children.  I do everything I can to ensure that they remain as close to mint condition as possible.  Despite my efforts, I have three small children (nine and six-year-old boys and three-year-old daughter) who mimic Stitch from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch.  For most of my purchases, I follow Dave Ramsey’s advice, and I politely ignore the extended warranty, the protection plan and the sales pitches given at checkout.  However, when it comes to my Apple devices, I never leave fate up to chance and buy AppleCare+.  If you have to repair your iPad Pro 10.5” out of warranty, the cost could quickly approach that of a new device.  With mobile devices, accidents can and do happen.  To have the opportunity to repair a screen twice per year for $49 (and many more perks), I would gladly pay $99.  I know some people rely solely upon an extended warranty, allowing their Apple devices to remain free roaming.  Personally, I choose to secure them within a rugged case, like the Metropolis iPad 10.5” case. 

UAG Metropolis iPad Pro 10.5
The product arrived in typical Urban Armor Gear flare.  Utilizing color, action imagery, useful product diagrams and a clear window to view your future toy, UAG left nothing back.  The cover of the attractive 7 3/4 inches wide by 10 1/2 inches tall by 7/8 inches thick retail package, had a clear window along the top, and a greyscale image of the case along the bottom.   I do not know if it was intentional or not, but the 5 inches wide by 4 inches tall window looked like a thought bubble with its 2 inches long tail.  The white iPad Pro 10.5-inch title contrasted brilliantly against the blue ribbed UAG case.  To either side of the title, I appreciated the two icons that provided information about the protective quality of the case (360-degree protection and Military Standard MIL-STD 810G-516.6 rating). The back of the packaging provided the most useful information and was my favorite panel.  Similar to both of the side panels, you will find UAG “Rugged, Lightweight, Drop-Tested Protection” along the top.  Where the back panel stood apart, however, was the labeled diagram and icons.  The case was made of an impact resistant material, used a tactile grip surface to decrease drops, had an included Apple Pencil holder, an included smart cover, an easy access port for the volume buttons and was designed to be Smart Keyboard compatible.  When I opened the top panel of the case, I found a 12.41 ounce (354 gram), 10 1/8 inches tall by 7 3/8 inches wide by 1/2 inches thick case and a four-panel instruction manual.  The two upper panels demonstrated the ability to remove the case from the Smart Cover/stand and the bottom panels showed how the case would work with the Smart Keyboard, which I do not own.  For additional installation information, you can navigate to to observe how you can install an iPad Pro 9.7 inch iPad.  Even though they used the 9.7 inch Pro version as their demonstration model, each of the devices should install similarly into their version of the Metropolis case. 

UAG Metropolis Case
As the video demonstrated, the installation of the case proved to be rather straightforward.  First, open the cover by lifting the right-sided magnetic flap and then insert the iPad Pro 10.5 inch tablet into the upper edge of the case, starting with the corner nearest the 3.5mm port.  I used my thumbs to walk around the screen and felt little clicks along the way.  The plastic edges wrapped around my screen and held the iPad firmly in place.  I did not like that the case left one of the edges completely unadorned.  The right side of the iPad (side nearest 3.5mm port) had no plastic edge protection except at the corners.  Once installed, the iPad was securely held within the case. The case cover had an attractive blue ribbed appearance/texture and had nine grooves that ran with the axis of the case.  The raised ribbed feature added grip and definitely enhanced the overall feel of the case.  Along the left edge of the cover (your right), you will find a brilliant silver “UAG” logo oriented in landscape mode.  Just above this, you will find a 1 1/8 inches wide by 2 1/4 inches tall magnetic flap that attaches to the black Apple Pencil holder. 

Lift open the magnetic flap and notice the black soft-felt lining on the inner surface of the case.  This material was designed with your screen in mind.  Even though the black felt material seemed to grab every piece of lint and hair around, it was easily brushed away and did not scratch the surface of my iPad Pro 10.5 (no screen protector).  There was a single horizontal line that ran down the middle of the cover, which was also evident from the front.  This line allowed the cover to fold up like an accordion and added to the versatility of the case.  The gripping rubber material will hold your tablet in landscape mode in a variety of viewing angles.  If you want to use the tablet flat, you can fold the cover over completely or fold the cover three-way to give you a thicker grip.  I actually liked this feature as it thickened up the material in my palms.  

UAG Metropolis iPad Cover
The inside of the plastic shell had an etched “UAG: URBAN ARMOR GEAR” in the middle of the case.  The internal surface was pocked with numerous raised honeycomb shaped ridges, which help to dissipate heat.  The cutouts for the camera, the 3.5mm port the speakers, the lightning adaptor, volume and power buttons were well placed.  The back of the main shell was also intelligently designed.  The top, sides and bottom of the back of the case had the same raised ribbed feeling as the cover.  However, there was a 3/4 Inches wide rubberized groove that resembled a cave drawing of a man.  The raised Apple Pencil attachment point resembled the head and the diagonal grooves towards the top resembled arms.  The downward section reminded me of a body and the lower diagonal sections reminded me of legs.  These grooves provided a good finger hold for digits 2-4 of both hands while holding the device in landscape mode.  Just above the silver “UAG,” there was a hinged section that also served as the cover attachment point.  The hinge supported the back of the iPad, when in landscape mode, and if desired could be removed.  To remove the cover, grip the hinge and pull outward.  This separated the two oval-shaped locking points.  Detaching the cover proved to be easier than reattaching the cover.  After a few on/off cycles, this was easier and did not seem to weaken the plastic attachment point.  

I do not have a Smart Keyboard, as I have relied upon my Zagg Slim book keyboard or my Logitech Keyboard that I bought for my iPad 2.  Yes, the Logitech keyboard still functions when my iPad 2 stopped working about a year ago.  The UAG case was amazing and I absolutely loved it while camping with my family in Gatlinburg over the July 4th Holiday weekend.  The stand was secure, I was able to view movies in landscape and at the end of a long day of outdoor activities, I was able to enjoy a refreshing bit of tech.  The Zagg Slim book keyboard still allowed me to type my review, despite the tablet being inside of the UAG case.  Personally, I liked being able to use the stand function of the UAG case, with the keyboard on my lap.  The only negatives that I could find for the UAG case were the lack of protection of the right edge of the iPad, the inner felt picked up quite a bit of lint/debris and the Apple Pencil holder felt a little insecure.  The Zagg slim case used a dual point of contact to retain the Apple Pencil, whereas the UAG case used a single point of contact and the magnetic flap on the UAG case to add a bit of security.  Neither case provided tip protection for the pencil.  I did not experience a dropped pencil with either case either.  However, I would be concerned that the single point of attachment would not fare as well against pressure at either end of the pencil.  

UAG Metropolis Cover
I enjoyed the case and felt that it had some incredibly convenient features.  The grip, the coloration, the folding Smart Cover, which did reliably lock the iPad Pro 10.5 inch when closed, the removable cover for Smart Keyboard compatibility and the heat dissipating inner surface were designed with function in mind.  I appreciated that the functional appeal did not decrease the aesthetics of the case.  Similar to other UAG gear, fashion and function were intelligently fused in the Metropolis case for the iPad Pro 10.5 inch device.  

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